China Market Trends (2023) – Spotlight Trend Report

Unlock the secrets of China's Beauty industry with Meiyume's China Market Trends Report. Discover the latest market insights and emerging trends in China's booming beauty industry with our comprehensive report. From skincare to makeup, we delve into the shifting consumer preferences and purchasing behaviors that are shaping the market

We Are ISCC Plus Certified

Meiyume is proud to be certified to the ISCC plus standard. Allowing Meiyume to purchase and use ISCC certified biobased and chemically recycled resins. The certification also grants customers and end consumers of the environmental and social sustainability of the products.

Meiyume’s ‘Rooted in Nature’ Collection

Our UK Innovation and Development team has innovated a new range – Rooted in Nature – showcasing 10 nature-inspired products in sustainable and biodegradable formulations and packaging.