Future of Haircare (2023)

Meiyume’s Spotlight Trend Report 

future of haircare hero
Kate Thorne, Meiyume UK’s Commercial Hair Specialist

Meiyume’s Haircare Expert Comments

March 2023 –
“The Hairtellectuals’ are again leading the charge in 2023, with hair and scalp health leading consumer’s priorities.

Clean and natural ingredients are still high on the agenda – brands should look to traditional holistic hair rituals for inspiration. Brands should adopt a skinification approach to scalp and hair innovations, whilst considering inclusive products, looking further than natural, curly and coily hair types – including those transitioning to grey hair, or suffering from hair loss.

“The 2023 In-Cosmetics global edition hosted in Barcelona along with 907 exhibitors from around the world, showcased exciting ingredient innovations with a focus on functional wellness solutions. Hair health was at the front of innovation, with new ingredient launches focusing on the hair microbiome, in particular prebiotic activity to improve health of the scalp. Others were committed to combatting the physical pollutants that consumers are exposed to daily, such as metal ions from hard water and UV rays.

Samita Verma, Meiyume UK’s Commercial Haircare Chemist

The Haircare Market, at a Glance

  • One of the only bpc markets to experience growth during the pandemic, the global haircare market is expected to grow to $104.6bn by 2026. 
  • The global hair colour market will also increase: revenue is expected to reach $36.2bn by 2027. 

3 Key Micro Trends to Watch

  • Hair Biome – explore the continued rise in products of this buzz word, that protect and rebalance the hair’s natural functions and repopulate the scalp microbiome.
  • Skinification of the Scalp 2.0 – has ushered in new, sophisticated product formats, upgraded routines, and ingredients that have been translated over from skin into the haircare category.
  • Bond Breakthrough – following the TikTok phenomenon of #bondrepair, explore the brands who are revolutionising the hair repair market. 

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Source: Euromonitor, Mintel, WGSN


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