Meiyume Enters Into a Strategic Partnership with Formes & Sculptures for Retail Solutions

Meiyume pursues its growth strategy in retail solutions

Meiyume x F&S

November 2022 – Because digital technology plays a major role in our daily lives, especially in retail, the Meiyume team has decided to pursue our growth strategy through a new collaborative approach with Formes & Sculptures, a recognized creator of merchandising and Point of Sale (POS) materials.  

For several years, the Meiyume Retail Solutions division has played a key role in enhancing the experience of any retail store, such as the design of POS equipment and the governance over their data. The synergy between Formes & Sculptures and Meiyume allows us to combine our respective strengths and expertise to respond quickly and appropriately to the current consumer landscape in a rapidly evolving retail environment. This partnership cements our approach to optimizing the retail experience by providing global support that tracks businesses’ Return on Investments (ROI) at the POS. 

The duality of Formes & Sculpture’s advanced display activity, titled hardware, and Meiyume’s transformative digital solutions will lead to an array of retail benefits: 

1. Customer Experience

Known for the diversification of our innovative offerings, we include elements of interactivity and immersiveness in our design to add value to the customer touchpoints in any retail store. This elevates the in-store experience between consumers and businesses.

2. Visibility Through Technology

The Meiyume Retail Solutions division uses a variety of technologies to measure in-store inventory and consumer behavior at the POS in real time. For instance, through the utilisation of traffic cameras or radar sensors, we can capture anonymous data that provide insights into improving overall business operations.

3. Actionable Business Intelligence

Through our beauty trend engine and refined POS systems, real-time actionable data insights are at the heart of every retail solution we offer. This shapes the overall strategy of any business and helps them make informed decisions.


The Meiyume team is honoured that our partnership with Formes & Sculptures allows us to develop a customized and turnkey digital solution for any beauty brand and retailer.

For more information on the full extent of our retail solutions, please feel free to reach out to your respective Meiyume contacts or contact us at