Consumer experience, insights, and measuring return on investment is at the core of every retail solution we deliver.

Striking in-store experiences elevate your brand’s physical presence with irresistible

Our focus is always on that pivotal exchange between brand and consumer. We believe the experience should be mutually rewarding and insightful. We seek to transform how your customers engage with your brand and products by responding to how they choose to shop.


We design and engineer everything from traditional point of sale displays to more immersive, interactive experiences.

Whether you specialize in Beauty or Wine & Spirits, together we can work with you to support your product, packaging, and retail solutions needs.

Meiyume’s background in beauty and fragrances provides a unique approach in the development of iconic packaging for the Wine & Spirits industry. Our teams specialize in a wide range of materials, including zamak and plastic, and work with leading brands to custom develop primary, secondary, and value-added packaging to elevate the product within.

Light up the nightlife scene with beautiful, bespoke, luminous displays.

Create a truly experiential consumer experience by enriching the retail space with digital, interactive layers, and uncover actionable consumer behavior insights to shape your business strategy.

Our expertise in POSM and digital technology solutions makes sure that you’re more than just a brand, it’s a lifestyle.

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Visibility across every channel

We utilize a variety of technologies to measure real-time inventory, secure your products in-store, track grey-market trading, and provide product authentication methods for our consumer to ensure your brand is protected at all times.

Data analytics sheds light on our behaviours.
Its empowering insight
captures your audience.
Discover our data driven strategies.

Bridging the gap between where your business is and where you want it to be means understanding how your customers shop. Many of our solutions use social media sharing, CRM data collection and post-visit purchase capabilities.

Our data experts and analysts unearth this information to create actionable insights that shape your business strategy. This data, alongside your own, enables us to confidently confront your biggest retail challenges, calculate more rewarding returns and answer your most pressing questions.

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Insights & Analytics