Future of Colours (2023-2024)

Meiyume’s Spotlight Trend Report 

future of colours

The Global Colour Cosmetics market, at a Glance

  • Global Colour Cosmetics market size grew by +8% (YOY) in 2022 to $67.6 billion, which is forecast to reach $73 billion by the end of 2023.  

  • Strong global growth across all cosmetics sub categories, buying patterns throughout 2023 amidst the costing of living crisis show the ‘lipstick effect’ in full play – consumers are purchasing snackable, lower value cosmetics and trading down to private label lines. 

3 Key Micro Trends to Watch

Hero hybrids – Skinimalism will increasingly evolve beauty categories and be prioritised due to the cost-of-living crisis, with hybrid formats and spotlight protective, hydrating ingredients front and center.   

Skin health first – Proven to penetrate the skin’s barrier more effectively, fermented and microbiome ingredients will be key to restoring the skin’s microflora in base make-up products. 

Enter the beautyverse – digital realities add another level of service and discovery to cosmetics products, particularly for playful Gen Z.  


With full turnkey expertise at our Trowbridge, UK, manufacturing facility, we have an innovation pipeline of formulations including skincare, SPF, hair, fragrance and colour cosmetics, paired with sustainable packaging solutions – ready to help inspire your next project.   

At Meiyume, innovation and sustainability are at the core of our global business operations – empowering beauty brands with a world of sustainable solutions. Contact us at marketing@meiyume.com for more information on our end-to-end global product solutions and retail solutions.