Boasting Our Manufacturing Facility at Tonawanda,USA

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Meiyume’s Tonawanda Facility Capabilities 

May 2023 – 

Our manufacturing facility in Tonawanda, US, is a leading developer and manufacturer of oral care products for both beauty brand owners and retailers with over 20 years of production. Operating under Lornamead, we develop and manufacture oral care products ranging from therapeutic toothpastes to oral pain relief, and tooth whitening products. With a manufacturing and filling facility that spans over 65,000 sq ft, Meiyume is equipped to meet the production demands of beauty brands while ensuring excellence in quality and timely delivery.

At Meiyume, we take great pride in upholding our core values of ACT [Agility, Creativity, and Trust], which enable us to stay ahead of the constantly evolving beauty landscape. Our Tonawanda facility embodies the spirit of these values and fosters a culture of innovation that has led to the development of cutting-edge technologies and processes for our clients. Furthermore, our commitment to trust and employee morale enables us to attract and retain the best talent in the industry, ensuring that we are always delivering the best beauty solutions to our customers. 

1) Agility

Our Tonawanda facility has 3 warehouses: 1 offsite for finished product, 1 onsite in batching for raw materials, and 1 onsite for both material and product in queue. To adapt with the constant changing environment, we recently constructed additional warehouse space of above 20k sq ft that houses additional 2400 pallet spaces on site.

As part of our sustainable strategy, all lightings in the warehouses are designed to be energy efficient. Together with our high reach forklift capability that allows for quick pulling and staging, Meiyume’s Tonawanda facility has the capability to turn around shipments quickly to anywhere in the US, while remaining true to our goal of being environmentally friendly.

2) Creativity

Driven by creativity, our facility at Tonawanda is the hub for innovation and development, where our team of experts have ensured that innovation runs deep in our ethos. We are the category leader in oral care manufacturing including private label toothpaste, tooth whitening technology, and oral analgesics. We boast UL10/10 approved formulas, claim substantiation, independent third-party validation and provide custom formulas.  

3) Trust

We place a high value on earning and maintaining the trust of our customers. To ensure that we consistently deliver the highest quality products and services, we have established a world-class quality and regulatory department. Our commitment is further demonstrated by the certifications we have earned.

Quality and regulatory department

In order to ensure satisfactory quality products that are aligned with regulatory laws, Meiyume’s Tonawanda facility is FDA regulated and registered, as well as being cGMP compliant, supported by our in-house analytical laboratory. Regular audits are also done by multiple stakeholders such as FDA, customers and third-party bodies, as part of our commitment to transparency.


We are proud to be ISO 22716 and ISO 9001 certified, demonstrating that both our processes and management meet rigorous standards. Additionally, we have earned SEDEX approval, which reflects our commitment to responsible and ethical practices. Moreover, we take great care in sourcing our ingredients, ensuring that at least 70% of the weight of our products come from organic sources. Our dedication to using organic ingredients is supported by our NSF/ANSI 305 approval.


At Meiyume, we pride ourselves as trusted developers and manufacturers of beauty solutions that is committed to our values throughout all aspects of our business operations worldwide.

With strong capabilities at our Tonawanda plant, we can deliver and support the production needs for any oral care products in the US, for any beauty brand. Partner with us today and join us in empowering beauty for a sustainable future.