Meiyume x Sedex

sedex member poster Meiyume

Febraury 2023Meiyume is proud to be a member of Sedex (Supplier Ethical Data Exchange), the global platform for ethical supply chain management. As a member of Sedex, we demonstrate our commitment to transparency and responsibility in our business operations, and our dedication to promoting responsible practices in our global operations and supply chains.

Sedex Membership

Sedex is a non-profit organization that provides a platform for companies to manage their ethical and sustainability performance in their supply chains. Through its membership, Meiyume can access resources and tools from a centralised platform that support responsible business practices, such as self-assessment questionnaires and training materials. By doing so, we can share information about our ethical and sustainability practices, such as our policies and processes, with our global customers and stakeholders. Members can also use the platform to collaborate with other companies and organizations, sharing best practices and improving its sustainability performance over time.

Sedex also helps Meiyume to manage and monitor our global supply chain risks, such as ensuring that our suppliers meet ethical standards, and responding quickly to any incidents that may arise. This helps us minimize the risk of negative impacts on its reputation, and to ensure that its products are manufactured in a responsible and sustainable manner.

Sedex Tools

A detailed explanation of some of these tools include:

  • Self-Assessment Questionnaires (SAQs): Sedex offers a range of SAQs that cover different aspects of ethical and sustainability performance, such as labor rights, health and safety, and the environment. Companies can use these SAQs to assess their own performance and identify areas for improvement.
  • Data Management Platform: Sedex provides a secure and centralized platform for companies to store and share information about their ethical and sustainability performance with their customers and stakeholders.
  • Supply Chain Mapping: Companies can use the Sedex platform to map their supply chain, identify and assess suppliers, and track their performance over time.
  • Training and Support: Sedex provides a range of training and support resources to help companies implement responsible business practices and improve their ethical and sustainability performance.
  • Collaboration and Networking: Companies can use Sedex to collaborate with other organizations, share best practices, and build relationships with suppliers and customers to improve their sustainability performance.


Overall, Meiyume’s membership in Sedex highlights our commitment to corporate social responsibility, ethical supply chain management, and sustainable business practices. This cements our presence in the beauty industry with our vision to empower beauty for a sustainable future.