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September 2021 – Step into the future of retail with Meiyume’s innovative solutions such as the ‘Touchless Sampling Tester’ that we have recently engineered for Fresh & Dior.

In light of the challenges brought by the global pandemic, Meiyume understands that brands and retailers are looking to implement safety measures to maintain the health and well-being of their people and customers by minimizing touchpoints. As such, Meiyume created an innovative solution to ensure safe and hygienic testing for consumers, bringing product sampling back with a twist.

The features of our solution allow for: 

✔️motion-activated counter-top display for touchless testing
✔️Electronic board powered by battery packs or AC power
✔️Improved levels of cleanliness and well-being
✔️Versatility – works with liquid skincare, foundations, and fragrances
✔️Compatibility – Uses existing product tester packaging with pumps for controlled and efficient testing without disruption to the supply chain
✔️A seamless retail experience

Retail Experience

The touchless sampling tester is a motion-activated counter-top display, composed of 2 major parts, a base unit and a tube that can dispense any type of fragrance or liquid skincare product from the existing tester product packaging. The tube includes an infrared laser sensor, an opening for product dispenses and a compartment for placing the product.

This innovation creates convenience for brands to use ‘off-the-shelf’ beauty products for dispensing due to the flexibility of retrofitting the mechanism around any product – exemplified by Dior’s use of 2 products of different sizes. 

Touchless tester
Beauty products
Innovative Technology

Reimagine the new norm of retail with Meiyume’s bespoke designs and concepts that can be tailored to brands’ retail needs.