Driving Innovation in Sustainable Beauty Packaging Solutions: Meiyume’s Commitment to Environmental Stewardship

Enhancing Sustainability in Packaging Solutions: Zamak for Premium Durable Parts

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Meiyume’s Long-term Sustainable Strategy 

May 2023 – 

As the beauty industry continues to grow and evolve, sustainability has emerged as a key concern for both brands and consumers. Meiyume has been actively leading the way with a proactive sustainability strategy for the past five years. With a strong focus on sustainability, our team has set ambitious objectives for 2025 and achieved the esteemed gold medal in sustainability by  EcoVadis certification in 2022, further reinforcing our unwavering dedication to sustainable and environmental stewardship. Meiyume recognises that consumers are becoming increasingly conscious of their environmental impact, and we are committed to addressing these concerns through our sustainable packaging strategy.

Recent surveys indicate that 83% of consumers consider it vital for companies to design products that are reusable or recyclable. Global environmental regulations are tightening, with France aiming for 100% recycled plastics by 2025. The UK has implemented a £200/tonne tax on plastic packaging with less than 30% recycled content. In Singapore, producers must submit packaging data and 3R plans to the National Environment Agency (NEA). Finally, California, USA, requires proof of in-state recycling before making recyclability claims from January 2024.

Given the diverse regulatory landscape, we understand the need for a long-term strategic approach and continuous monitoring during product innovation processes. As an expert provider of multi-material packaging solutions (metal, plastic, and soft materials), we take pride in being a member of Spice since 2020. Through our impact/assessment-driven approach, our team of experts consistently deliver impactful reduction solutions to beauty brands, ensuring that sustainability remains a core value in every aspect of our operations.

Metal Solutions

Metal solutions is one of the pillars of our sustainability packaging strategy, and it have always been a key element in Meiyume’s extensive expertise in sustainable packaging solutions. With a vast manufacturing network and profound knowledge in producing some of the most iconic pieces on the market, Meiyume excels in working with materials such as Zamak, aluminium, steel, and brass on specific designs & has even recently created a range of innovative metal stock packaging that are market-ready.

Embracing the vision of empowering beauty brands for a sustainable future, Meiyume’s teams have spent the last three years revamping their metal solutions portfolio using the principles of the 3R’s: reduce, reuse, and recycle. By adopting an environmental impact assessment approach, the company has made significant strides in enhancing the sustainability of their aluminium, steel and Zamak offerings.

Zamak for Premium Durable Parts

Zamak, an exceptional zinc-based alloy, boasts several advantages, making it an ideal choice for various reasons. Its remarkable ability to be molded into intricate 3D shapes, combined with its premium aesthetic and outstanding durability, sets Zamak apart from other materials. Given these remarkable qualities, Meiyume endorses Zamak for the production of high-quality, long-lasting components, particularly for refillable items. One of Zamak’s key benefits is its reusability, allowing the components to be utilized multiple times and surpassing the lifespan of their plastic counterparts. Some notable examples of products designed by Meiyume using Zamak include the iconic Scandal pour Femme & pour Homme fragrances created in collaboration with PUIG group.

To reduce the environmental impact of Zamak, our team has implemented key actions focused on sustainability:

  • Weight Reduction: By leveraging manufacturing and design innovations, the teams have successfully reduced the weight of Zamak components whenever possible. For instance, in a recent lipstick launch, Meiyume employed alternative design approaches, adjusted thicknesses, and optimized overall construction, resulting in a weight reduction of 30% and generating significant carbon emission savings.

  • Recycled Material Utilization: Through strategic & diversified material partnerships, Meiyume has access to multiple sources of recycled Zamak. By increasing the percentage of recycled material used in their components, Meiyume has successfully reduced the demand for virgin resources and minimized the environmental footprint. These achievements have been quantified through comprehensive Life Cycle Assessment (LCA) studies.

  • Regionalization of the Supply Chain: Meiyume understands the importance of localizing our supply chain to reduce transportation-related emissions. Since 2022, we have been able to provide durable Zamak components made in France, utilizing 100% recycled material sourced locally. This commitment to regionalization ensures a sustainable and efficient supply chain. Additionally, Meiyume offers hybrid solutions when appropriate, further optimizing sustainability outcomes.

A Greener Future

Meiyume’s proactive sustainability packaging strategy is central to our vision to empower beauty brands for a sustainable future. By providing innovative and tailor-made solutions, we help beauty brands meet the growing demand for sustainable packaging while reducing their environmental impact. With bold objectives set for 2025, Meiyume is committed to staying ahead of industry trends and collaborating with beauty brands to build a greener future.

For more information or to explore how Meiyume can help meet your sustainability goals, contact us we will connect you with our dedicated teams in our global offices. Embark with us on a sustainable journey towards a greener future.