Shiseido & NARS Boutiques

Bespoke retail technologies bringing beauty to life

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October 2021Celebrating their recent debuts in Jem, Singapore, both Shiseido and NARS welcomed shoppers with innovative beauty experiences and radiant displays. Meiyume helped transform the NARS boutique and Shiseido’s first Alive Boutique in Asia, by providing cutting-edge technologies and digital screens in contactless shopping.

Both stores are enhanced by their visually captivating storefront displays, in-store digital signages, and bespoke touchless testers, all of which come together to achieve a seamless retail experience.

Shiseido touchless tester
NARS Beauty


The large digital displays around each store immediately catch the eye, with high-resolution screens creating a powerful statement that instantly elevate the entire in-store ambience. The strategically placed screens deliver a high-grade viewing experience from all angles and distances, bringing beauty to ‘life’.

Seamlessly mounted on the walls and powered by Meiyume’s content management system, the digital content on each display can be easily modified and updated to create an attention-grabbing message for shoppers.


To illuminate its Alive Boutique concept, Shiseido incorporated a touchless sampling tester that increases brand engagement and breathes ‘life’ into its beauty products. This innovation is a motion-activated device that can dispense any type of fragrance or liquid skincare product; improving levels of cleanliness and well-being for shoppers.

The tester includes an infrared laser sensor, a nozzle that dispenses the formula,  and a compartment to place the product in, making it convenient for brands to use off-the-shelf beauty products due to the flexibility of retrofitting the mechanism around any product shape or size.

Touchless tester - Meiyume's retail solution

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