Meiyume Projects into the Future with MP-STUDIO

New Partnership to enhance the in-store experience through projection mapping

Paris, 28 March to 1 April 2022 – Creative Days 2022 – Meiyume has joined hands with MP-STUDIO – a projection mapping innovator – to turn heads in retail with showstopping bespoke visuals. As a trailblazer in brand storytelling, MP-STUDIO retail tech creatively brings inanimate objects to life by projecting bold 3D graphics around objects and spaces.

What is Projection Mapping?

Projection mapping is a blend of art and technology that blurs the line between virtual and real objects to seamlessly produce dazzling displays. Brands and retailers are given the flexibility to curate enchanting animation sequences during the pre-production process before utilizing discreet projectors to showcase the customized visuals around any complex objects and spaces of any size. This allows brands and retailers to enhance any retail space and drive in-store engagement.

Creative Days 2022 Debut

Coupled with Meiyume’s capabilities in retail, collaborating with MP-STUDIO’s projection mapping technology will be groundbreaking for the retail landscape. Meiyume is debuting the proficiency of this partnership at our Creative Days 2022 event in Paris – an exclusive exhibition of the multi-faceted concepts of beauty where participants are given a glimpse into Meiyume’s global and local productions – where MP-STUDIO has championed all the creative work and projections.

Meiyume Creative Days 2022 in Paris
Meiyume Creative Days 2022 in Paris


Our future-focused innovations are beautifully illustrated through MP-STUDIO projection mapping tech, with captivating animations bringing retail to life. At one section of the exhibition, participants will be able to interact with our solutions through a lift-and-learn projection mapping software. Projection mapping is also used to playfully highlight hero products on a shelf, and to breathe life into a centerpiece champagne bottle. Through appealing graphics and interactive product demonstration, this innovative solution immerses consumers into the retail experience.

Meiyume x MP-STUDIO

Meiyume is thrilled to be in partnership with MP-STUDIO where we can continue to bridge digital solutions with brands and retailers and be the innovative guide to their brand storytelling.

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