2021 POPAI France Awards

Award-winning innovative POS displays

Meiyume 2021 POPAI Award (France)

POS Displays

January 2022 – Understanding the need to stand out amongst retail competitors, Meiyume has been working on retail solutions such as point-of-sale (POS) displays with our customers that are effective and interactive.

We are excited & honoured to be recognized for some of these projects by POPAI France!

Our Awards

  1. Perrier Jouet – GOLD
    • Category: Wine & Spirits
    • Description: Meiyume brought emphasis to Perrier Jouet’s advocacy for sustainability with a hyper nature small tree display with alluring lighting features. The batteries are removable and rechargeable with a water-proof battery case that is perfect for displaying outdoors.
Meiyume 2021 POPAI Award (France) - Perrier Jouet (Wine and spirits)

2. Yves Saint Laurent (YSL) – GOLD

    • Category: Beauty, Skincare & Fragrance
    • Description: This permanent display tray is curated for YSL to showcase their Pure Shot tubes. These tubes are customised to be filled with resin for durability & aesthetic enhancement.
Meiyume 2021 POPAI Award (France) - YSL (Beauty, skincare and fragrance)

3. Sisley – SILVER

    • Category: Beauty, Skincare & Fragrance
    • Description: Sisley Skincare Bar’s permanent countertop is beautifully decorated using assorted shapes that are enhanced with gold palettes and a glowing base through its acrylic support; a nod to Sisley’s brand essence.
Meiyume 2021 POPAI Award (France) - Sisley (Beauty, skincare and fragrances)

4. Jimmy Choo – SILVER

    • Category: Fragrances
    • Description: Jimmy Choo’s seduction collection floor-standing unit is an embodiment of luxury with a resemblance to a perfume bottle itself. This standalone unit is as eye-catching as it is functional with an all-rounded display.
Meiyume 2021 POPAI Award (France) - Jimmy Choo (Fragrances)

Our Retail Solutions

At Meiyume, we focus on the pivotal interaction with the customer and provide tailored solutions to meet the unique needs of global brands and retailers. From promotional and permanent display executions, to more experiential solutions incorporating digital, interactive layers, we create enriching consumer experiences designed to drive seamless interactions. Many of our retail solutions use social media sharing, CRM data collection and post-visit purchase capabilities, enabling your brand to better capture data and uncover important consumer behaviour insights to shape your business strategy. 

Transform how you engage your customers, envision the future of retail with us.

To find out more about our captivating retail solutions, contact us at marketing@meiyume.com