USA Beauty Market Trends (2023-2024)

Meiyume’s Spotlight Trend Report 

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November 2023 –

In the ever-evolving beauty and personal care industry, consumers are quick to adopt global trends. Meiyume recently attended The Makeup in New York 2023 event, where our insights experts witnessed the industry’s dynamic nature in the United States, focusing on five key trends highlighted.

The US Market, at a Glance

The US beauty and personal care market is booming, fueled by post-pandemic recovery and high consumer demand for effective products. Premium sector growth is outpacing the market, driven by innovation and digital strategies. However, economic concerns like inflation might drive consumers towards more affordable options. There’s also a significant shift in men’s grooming habits, influenced by social media, especially TikTok, challenging traditional gender norms.

Source: Euromonitor

4 Key Micro Trends to Watch

    • Ingredient-led Beauty – Emphasizes clean practices, avoidance of harmful ingredients, and conscious beauty choices. This trend is popularized through educational content on social media platforms like TikTok and Instagram. Consumers actively seek specific ingredients for targeted beauty benefits and are willing to invest in products with ingredients aligning with their beauty goals.
    • Inspiring Inclusivity – The Makeup in New York 2023 event spotlighted talks on inclusive design and accessibility, emphasizing the connection between personal care accessible to all. Brands like Cleanlogic and VictoriaLand Beauty are leading the way in this space, with initiatives such as Braille packaging and raised graphics to enhance accessibility for visually impaired consumers.
    • Promoting Wellness – Incorporating wellness into our beauty routines is not just a trend; it’s a fundamental shift toward holistic self-care. Brands like Selfmade and Immunocologie are merging mental health with beauty, fostering emotional exploration in everyday routines, and promoting diversity and inclusivity with products suitable for all skin types and tones.
    • Carbon Capturing & Utilization (CCU) – Sustainable beauty trends emphasize eco-friendly practices, aiming to reduce carbon footprint and minimize waste. Brands are incorporating new practices to meet the growing demand for eco-conscious beauty products. Carbon emissions are captured from steel mills and converted into recyclable plastic, transforming CO2 emissions into high-performance materials for cosmetics packaging.


Latest Innovation

    • Waterless Beauty – Waterless beauty products are predicted to become the norm, transforming consumer expectations and industry norms toward a greener, more efficient future. Brands like Onélogy and Everist are pioneering waterless skincare and haircare solutions, emphasizing sustainability, convenience, and product performance.


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