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November 2022 – A huge congratulations to Avoskin for attaining the Tokopedia Beauty Awards 2021 best toner for their miraculous refining toner and the Female Daily Beauty Awards 2021 for their advanced action eye ampoule.

Avoskin’s Vision

Advocating for natural ingredients and sustainability since 2014, Avoskin is an Indonesian-based beauty company with a progressive philosophy and a range of timeless products. Avoskin believes in formulating products using natural ingredients from Bali and Java, combining botanicals, premium ingredients, and cutting-edge technologies to produce their opulent beauty products. Besides ‘internal beauty’, Avoskin ensures their products’ ‘outer beauty’ are paired with sustainable packaging that is eco-friendly and recyclable. To establish its digital presence and effectively market its products, Avoskin worked with numerous e-marketplaces, including Indonesia’s leading online beauty platforms Sociolla and Shopee.

Working to find the best sustainable turnkey solution for their brand’s unique needs, Avoskin collaborated with Meiyume to co-develop the advanced action eye ampoule and miraculous refining toner, both of which won awards in 2021.

Avoskin - Indo Halal Market
Figure 1

Eye Care & Skincare Industry in Indonesia

With 87% of their population being Muslim (225 million), Indonesia is the largest Muslim country globally and the key driving demand behind beauty halal products. Although the beauty halal industry had a revenue of USD4.9 billion in 2020, the 2nd lowest among other categories, the Indonesia Halal Markets Report (2021/2022) shows that the CAGR from 2020-2025 stands at 12.62$, the 3rd highest, expecting to reach USD$7.59 billion by 2025. Furthermore, it was the only category that had positive growth between 2019 and 2020 when the pandemic was at its peak. (figure 1)

Within the beauty industry, Euromonitor reported that the size of Indonesia’s skincare market has seen an increase from USD$1.25 billion (2016) to USD$2.05 billion (2021), with a CAGR of 8.57%. In the subsequent years, it is optimistically projected to increase from USD$2.36 billion (2022) to USD$4.03 billion (2026), with a CAGR of 11.28%, indicating the prosperity of this industry.=

For Indonesians, beauty is not only skin-deep but also a reflection of the inner self. This is especially true as the pressure to invest in beauty products to meet social expectations of beauty is not uncommon. Research from microloan providers in Indonesia, Kredivo, and Akulaku, states that the majority of loans are driven by women in order to purchase skincare beauty products. This healthy projected growth is fuelled by consumerism and the shift in consumer class – as illustrated by World Bank, BPS (figure 2). This figure is a positive signal for the growing middle-upper population in Indonesia. Hence, on top of their strong willingness to spend, the population’s purchasing power is also expected to continue growing. Although a strong willingness to spend does not always translate to capabilities to spend, a report by UOB indicates otherwise for Indonesia’s millennials. Millennials (aged 25 to 40) typically spend 50% of their disposable income on the 4Ss: Skin, Sun, Screen, and Sugar, compared to just 30% for Gen X (aged 41 to 56). On top of this, the rapid growth of e-commerce platforms such as Shopee, Tokepedia, and Sociolla has provided an easier avenue for consumers to access beauty products.

Indonesian upper middle income
Figure 2

Indonesians are culturally driven with a preference toward natural ingredients, riding on the uptrend of clean beauty. Hence, beauty brands entering the Indonesian market understand that Indonesians resonate well with natural ingredients and tend to focus on natural active ingredients in their formulation processes. In the skincare category, Indonesia has seen a 60% increase in sales in 2021 Q1 alone. Specifically, serums have gained popularity, with sales of local serum brands in June 2021 reaching USD$10.03million on Shopee. Furthermore, research into Bahtera – a chemical distributor – has shown that due to the popularity of serums, there was a 100% increase in active ingredient sales. In terms of product segment demand, acne and brightening traits were the most popular among Indonesian consumers, followed by anti-aging and moisturizing elements.

Meiyume’s Solution

Seeking a beauty solutions provider to materialize their concepts and requirements, Avoskin trusted Meiyume to bring their advanced action eye ampoule and miraculous refining toner to life. With formulation and manufacturing teams in Indonesia, Meiyume worked alongside Avoskin using a well-defined New Product Development (NPD) process to bring the products across the various developmental stages and into the marketplace way ahead of the stipulated timeframe. Throughout the NPD process, Meiyume’s on-the-ground turnkey support was able to test fast, source, and co-develop Avoskin’s products according to their brand philosophy – tailoring to the unique needs of different skin types and ensuring halal certification that is cruelty-free with no animal testing.

Miraculous Refining Toner

During the conceptualization phase, Avoskin made apparent that besides the market’s needs and brand requirements, they wanted to address additional skin care issues that are usually not found in a typical toner product. Hence, our Innovation and Development (I&D) team collaborated with Avoskin to create a toner with the additional benefits of removing dead skin cells, overcoming acne, and moisturizing the skin – developing what became Avoskin’s award-winning miraculous refining toner.

Meiyume is proud to formulate Indonesia’s first local exfoliating toner, which contains a mixture of active ingredients (5% AHA, 1% BHA, 2% PHA), other natural extracts, and attributes catered to the Indonesian market – alcohol-free, fragrance-free, cruelty-free.

The product’s main content as an exfoliator makes certain that the toner removes dead skin cells, eradicating black spots and reducing pores. As acne is a common issue for consumers, especially in tropical countries, the miraculous refining toner is formulated with niacinamide, tea tree, and witch hazel to treat acne-prone skin types. Stability testing is also conducted to ensure it is suitable for all skin types (e.g. acne-prone, sensitive skin). Furthermore, our I&D team expertly infused emollient agents (e.g. aloe vera and raspberry) to ensure a moisturizing effect on the skin. Sustainably packaged in a 100ml sugarcane bottle with a sleek and minimalistic design, this toner adds aesthetic value to any shelf it is placed on.

Advanced Action Eye Ampoule

The phrase ‘Beauty is in the eye of the beholder’ ironically inspired Avoskin to collaborate with Meiyume to formulate a serum that moisturizes and beautifies the skin around consumers’ eyes. Meiyume’s I&D team discovered that utilizing natural extracts with 7.5% peptide (Argireline and Eyeseril) content and niacinamide stimulates the production of natural collagen around the eyes. This combination smooths wrinkles, reduces puffiness, moisturizes, and brightens the skin around the eyes after a month of usage. All this beauty is packaged within a pocket-size sugarcane bottle, evocating style and ensuring sustainability and convenience.

Avoskin’s new action eye ampoule is capable of eliminating unnecessary moisture on the skin, leaving it with a clean and clear appearance and restoring the inner beauty of the skin. Avoskin released the advanced action eye ampoule to promising results and positive feedback from consumers.

The Future

Meiyume’s labs are truly experimental with state-of-the-art processing equipment that ensures rapid prototyping, duplicate testing, and feasibility to deliver high-quality results for our customers. After the success of co-developing the eye ampoule and refining toner for Avoskin, we continue to work with Avoksin to develop and launch more product innovations.

We look forward to providing more on-the-ground sustainable turnkey support to global beauty brands using our manufacturing facilities and I&D Labs. At Meiyume, we test fast and learn fast to innovate ideas into reality and ensure our turnkey solutions are at the forefront of innovation and excellence.

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Numerous influencers and key opinion leaders have shared positive feedback on the Avoskin products:

Avoskin influencer review
  1. @febrinagraciaa: “The first time I tried the travel-sized one and it didn’t finish, I immediately bought the full-sized one, and now it’s sold out, I’m still repurchasing because I love it. Compared to the previous toner, for my skin, the Avoskin refining toner is more effective and there are significant changes – the breakouts are gone, the texture of my face is also getting better and more even and the acne and blackheads are also very reduced. There is a tingling sensation at first, especially when there is active acne, but it goes away after a while. As long as the frequency is matched to the skin’s tolerance, there will be no irritation or other negative effects. Hydration is also important after using this toner.” – Febrina Gracia

2. @utiazka: “The texture is thick and the color is clear. Must be quick to blend because it absorbs quickly… After using it for more than a month, the fine lines around my eyes have decreased… You have to be diligent in using it and you will see the effect soon. So be patient with your eye treatment, girls!” – Uti