When Sustainability Meets Convenience –
Meiyume Showcases Smart Refill System

Refillable packaging for long-term sustainable beauty

Hong Kong, 30 November 2020 – Meiyume (a member of Fung Group), a one-stop shop partner providing product and retail solutions for the beauty industry, has introduced a new option for sustainable packaging: the Smart Refill System.

Once a nice but niche ideal, refillable beauty is now more mainstream than ever as it appeals to an ever-growing conscious consumer base. Meiyume’s Smart Refill System is one of the company’s answers to this growing consumer need, as the system combines sustainability and convenience, all of which is wrapped up in clever and fun packaging.

The Smart Refill System operates on a jar and capsule mechanism. The thick, weighted outer jar evokes a feeling of sturdiness, and the minimalist PP (polypropylene) inner cup with a removable top seal can be changed and replaced. Not only are both parts recyclable, they can also be made from PCR (post-consumer resin). What is most unique about this system is the intuitive yet durable mechanism – consumers can replenish their product easily and quickly with a simple push-and-release of the inner capsule, whilst the outer jar is practically made to retain its high quality despite long time use.

The Smart Refill System reflects Meiyume’s continued commitment to meeting evolving consumer needs through innovative products and solutions. By marrying growing consumer desire for sustainable products, and all the while preserving convenience, the Smart Refill System aims to save plastic. The sustainable impact of the Smart Refill System is significant: one Smart Refill Jar & Capsule with two refills is already a 52% plastic weight reduction when compared to using three regular jars. At the same time, the system is helping to solve other consumer psychological barriers, such as concerns on hygiene.

As one of the main pillars of Meiyume’s Sustainability Strategy for Packaging Solutions, this refill and re-use type of packaging concept has been in active development, with 6 patents already filed on this topic in the last 18 months. In addition to the Smart Refill System for skincare, another recent exciting reveal for colour cosmetics is Meiyume’s flagship M3 Lipstick Mechanism. The M3 is POM (Polyacetal) free and comes with two available refill options using either a clip or a magnetic patented system.

Despite a year of unprecedented times, Meiyume continues to stay true to the spirit of empowering beauty for the future. The teams at Meiyume are creating products and solutions by working with brands to address consumers’ most pressing needs. At the same time, the innovations are also designed to minimize environmental impact of the beauty industry, as can be seen through Meiyume’s recent launches such as the Molded Pulp Range, the Infinite Aluminium Range, and now the Smart Refill System. Moving forward, Meiyume will continue to deliver solutions around these all-important themes.

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