Revolutionary Beauty Packaging: Meiyume’s Skinfinity Line with Advanced Applicators

 Embrace the future of beauty and effortless application.

How Meiyume is Revolutionizing Beauty Packaging with Advanced Applicators

January 2024 – 

 Welcome to a world of transformative beauty with Meiyume’s latest innovation – The “Skinfinity” packaging line. This range is not just about containing beauty products; it’s about enhancing the application experience to a whole new level.

The packaging line’s design is gender-neutral, breaking away from traditional gender-based packaging norms. This approach not only broadens the appeal of the products to a wider age range but also aligns with the growing trend of gender-neutral branding, which is increasingly valued by millennials and Gen Z.

The hallmark of the Skinfinity line is its state-of-the-art applicators. These applicators are ingeniously designed to transform the mundane task of applying beauty products into a luxurious experience. They are crafted to deliver gentle exfoliation, enhance product absorption, and provide a soothing massage effect. This not only elevates the user experience but also promotes efficient product usage, reducing waste.

With Skinfinity, consumers can enjoy precision and control over product quantity, ensuring that each application is just right and no product is wasted. This focus on efficiency is a step towards a more responsible beauty regimen.

Fulfilling Industry Demands

Innovations in applicator design and applicators are key trends in the beauty industry. The future of cosmetic applicators is moving towards customization and personalization, with brands focusing on unique and made-to-measure items. The applicators have to be developed, designed, and balanced on the cosmetic formula to enhance the features of the products. 

Aligned with evolving consumer values, Meiyume’s “Skinfinity” line responds to the growing demand for innovative and sustainable packaging solutions in the beauty industry. Market trends indicate a 4.8% growth in the European Makeup Applicator Market from 2020 to 2026, with brush applicators dominating in 2020, particularly for facial products. The market for beauty products with built-in applicators is also set for significant expansion, with lip applicators expected to lead at a 6.1% growth rate during this period. Recent distribution data shows North America at 31.4%, APAC at 28.9%, and Europe at 25.1%. Millennials, notably 42% of UK women aged 16-24, emerge as the primary consumers of beauty products with built-in applicators. These market insights from Mintel highlight the urgent need for innovative and sustainable packaging solutions—a need that Meiyume’s “Skinfinity” line is poised to meet.

Material Innovation: Functionality Meets Style

Meiyume’s new “Skinfinity” packaging line beautifully embraces eco-conscious values. Skinfinity can utilize recyclable and reusable materials to minimize waste and enable a sustainable beauty routine.

Through the selection of high-performing materials, Skinfinity enables greater efficiency for consumers. The packaging stands up to the demands of multiple beauty routines while upholding environmental ideals. With its versatile design, Skinfinity allows all users to celebrate their beauty knowing the packaging aligns with their sustainability values.

Skinfinity’s Packaging Range for All

Elevate skin care, designed for gentle exfoliation, improved absorption, and soothing experiences.

Meiyume's Skinfinity 80ml metal roll-on tube with Zamak balls, crafted from PP and PE materials, designed for precise and soothing application.
Metal Roll-on Tube or Balls
Meiyume's Skinfinity 30ml mono-material dropper, made entirely from PP, designed for precise and sustainable beauty application
Mono-material Dropper
Meiyume's Skinfinity 60ml applicator tube, featuring versatile heads including a silicone brush, scrubbing brush, or sponge, made from materials like PP, PE, TPE, SUS, silicone, and PU + Nylon for diverse application techniques.
Applicator Tube with Silicone Brush, Scrubbing Brush, or Sponge Head
Skinfinity's 5ml refillable airless applicator or roll-on, crafted from PETG, Silica, PP, SUS-304, and PE, offering a sustainable and precise beauty application experience.
Refillable Airless Applicator or Roll-on

Size: 80ml
Materials: PP, PE, Zamak

Size: 30ml      Material: PP

Size: 60ml          Material: PP, PE, TPE, SUS, Silicone, PU + Nylon 

Size: 5ml            Material: PETG, Silica, PP, SUS-304, PE

Skinfinity's 15ml airless applicator, made from PP, PE, and SuS-304, designed for efficient and hygienic beauty product dispensing
Airless Applicator
Skinfinity's 50ml refillable jar, complete with an integrated applicator, made from a combination of PP, PET, PE, and ABS, designed for seamless and sustainable use.
Refillable Jar with Applicator
Skinfinity's airless roll-on, sized at D27.07*130.71mm, crafted from PP, PE, SUS-304, and POK, offering a seamless and precise application experience.
Airless Roll-on​
Skinfinity's compact airless roll-on, sized at D18.5*141.73mm, made from a combination of PP, LDPE, POK, SUS-304, PETG, and ABS + SAN, designed for precise and efficient application.
Airless Roll-On

Size: 15ml            Material: PP, PE, SuS-304

Size: 50ml          Material: PP, PET, PE, ABS

Size: D27.07*130.71          Material: PP, PE, SUS-304, POK

Size: D18.5*141.73            Material: PP, LDPE, POK, SUS-304, PETG, ABS + SAN

Experience the future of color cosmetics, ensuring product control and sustainable consumption.

Skinfinity's 15ml silicone applicator tube, crafted from PP, PE, ABS, and silicone, offering a gentle, precise application for beauty products.
Silicone Applicator Tube
Skinfinity's 15ml sponge applicator tube, constructed from PP, PE, PBT, PU + Nylon, and ABS, designed for smooth and even application of beauty products.
Sponge Applicator Tube
Skinfinity's 15ml airless sponge applicator, made from PP, PETG, PE, SUS-304, and ABS + SAN, ensuring a hygienic and uniform application.
Airless Sponge Applicator
Skinfinity's versatile 15ml airless applicator, available with a flat brush, standard brush, or sponge head, composed of PET, SUS-304, NBR, PP, PE, and POK, for a diverse range of application techniques.
Airless Applicator with Flat Brush, Brush, or Sponge

Size: 15ml​            Material: PP, PE, ABS, Silicone​

Size: 15ml            Material: PP, PE, PBT, Pu + Nylon, ABS

Size: 15ml                Material: PP, PETG, PE, SUS-304, ABS + SAN

Size: 15ml              Material: PET, SUS-304, NBR, PP, PE, POK 

Revolutionize body care, designed for efficient application and promoting sustainable consumption.

Skinfinity's 50ml mono-material refillable deodorant, entirely made from PP, offering a sustainable and practical solution for personal care.
Mono-material Refillable Deodorant
Skinfinity's compact roll-on tube, sized at D30*75mm, made with PP, PE, and Stainless Steel, designed for a precise and comfortable application experience
Roll-on Tube
Skinfinity's roll-on tube, available in sizes D50148mm and D40170mm, made from PP, PE, TPE, and Stainless Steel, combining durability with smooth application.
Roll-on Tube
Skinfinity's sleek roll-on tube, sized D35*110mm, crafted from PP and PE, designed for easy and precise application.
Roll-on Tube

Size: 50ml​          Material: PP

Size: D35*110                  Material: PP, PE

Size: D50*148, D40*170 Material: PP, PE, TPE, Stainless Steel

Size: D30*75mm            Material: PP, PE, Stainless Steel

Transform hair care routines, designed for precise application and improved product efficacy.

Skinfinity's Scalp Applicator Tube, ranging in size from D40105mm to D40185mm, constructed from PP, PE, and stainless steel, specifically designed for targeted and efficient scalp treatment application.
Scalp Applicator Tube
Skinfinity's Comb Applicator Tube, with dimensions of 39.8*29.4mm in height, made from PP and PE, designed for seamless integration of product application and hair combing.
Comb Applicator Tube
Skinfinity's Comb Applicator Bottles in 250ml and 130ml sizes, crafted from PP and PE, combining the functionality of a bottle with the convenience of a comb applicator for efficient hair product distribution.
Comb Applicator Bottle

Size: D40*105mm~185mm            Material: PP, PE, stainless steel

Size: 39.8*29.4*H                            Material: PP, PE

Size: 250ml​, 130ml                 Material: PP, PE

Reimagine fragrance application, ensuring a clean, efficient, and controlled application process.

Skinfinity's Soft Tip Tube, measuring D16*82mm, made from PP, PE, and TBE, designed for gentle and precise application.
Soft Tip Tube
Skinfinity's Fragrance Roll-on, sized at D24*114.80mm, featuring a sleek design made from PP and Stainless Steel, ideal for a refined and precise fragrance application.
Skinfinity's airless pen applicators for fragrance, available in sizes D15.21122.88mm and D18.5141.73mm, made from materials including PP, PE, PETG, POK, PBT, ABS + SAN, and SUS-304, designed for a sleek and efficient fragrance dispensing experience.
Airless Pen Applicator​

Size: D16*82mm                    Material: PP, PE, TBE


Size: D24*114.80                 Material: PP, Stainless Steel

Size: D15.21*122.88, D18.5*141.73      Material: PP, PE, PETG, POK, PBT, ABS + SAN, SUS-304

Enhance beauty routines with our sustainable bags, designed reduced environmental impact.

Skinfinity's reversible vanity, measuring 20080180mm, crafted from RPU, showcasing a versatile and elegant design for beauty storage.
Reversible Vanity

Size: 200*80*180 Material: RPU

Graphic highlighting Meiyume's participation in the Sustainable Packaging Initiative for Cosmetics (SPICE) with their Skinfinity roll-on deodorant, focusing on the environmental benefits of refilling packaging to reduce CO2 emissions, fossil energy, and water consumption.
Refillable Roll-On Deodorant

SPICE: Powering the Circular Economy

Meiyume has joined the Sustainable Packaging Initiative for Cosmetics (SPICE), co-founded by L’Oréal and Quantis, to drive the circular economy and establish practices that have a real-world impact on the environment. SPICE brings together 29 global cosmetics brands and organizations to develop and publish business-oriented methodologies and data to improve the environmental performance of the entire packaging value chain. By refilling the “Skinfinity” line’s packaging three times, consumers can save more than 32% on three environmental claims: reduction of CO2 emissions, reduction of fossil energy, and reduction of water consumption.

Join the Movement Today!

Join the movement of advanced beauty with Meiyume’s “Skinfinity” collection. Discover packaging that’s not only beautiful but also elevates the application process. Meiyume offers a range of sustainable packaging options, with bespoke solutions to fit your brand’s unique identity. Embrace the future of beauty with Skinfinity, where innovation in application meets sophisticated design.