Meiyume’s Onyx Collection: Integrating Insights from Neuroscience into the Realm of Beauty

Meiyume innovation - Onyx Collection

Onyx Range

March 2023 – At Meiyume Trowbridge, our Skincare Centre of Excellence based in the UK is driving transformation in the beauty industry by developing inventive and effective products in various categories such as high-end skincare, hair care, self-tanning, SPF, and hybrid color cosmetics. We collaborate with industry innovators, both established global brand houses and emerging indie brands, and provide customized and comprehensive full-service solutions while maintaining confidentiality. Our team works closely with our partners to produce cutting-edge formulations that lead the industry.

Our UK Innovation team has introduced the Onyx range as a ready-made beauty collection that partner brands can adopt, which takes inspiration from neuroscience and beauty. It’s an emerging area of research that explores the relationship between the brain, our perception of beauty, and the impact of beauty on our overall well-being. Neuroscience is the scientific study of the nervous system, including the brain, and how it influences our behaviour, thoughts, and emotions. The field of neuroscience and beauty is a fascinating area of research that offers insights into the complex relationship between our brains, our perception of beauty, and our well-being.

Neuroscience Beauty Insights

In today’s world, consumers inhabit a multisensory world where their brains integrate inputs from all five senses – sight, hearing, touch, smell, and taste – to shape their experiences and perceptions. These multisensory encounters occur continuously and often without our conscious awareness. By comprehending how these sensory connections operate in the human mind, we can gain valuable insights into designing products that capitalize on this phenomenon.

Antonio Damasio, a renowned expert on emotions, posits that as much as 80% of our choices and decisions are influenced by our emotional states. This reasoning highlights the importance of emotions in shaping our behavior, including our preferences for beauty products. Neuroscience research further underscores the efficacy of investigating beauty-related phenomena, as evidenced by several insights. By understanding how the brain processes beauty-related information, companies can inform product development and marketing strategies. Research exemplifies the utility of such research in the beauty industry. Overall,  neuroscience insights illustrate the importance of beauty-based research, providing a scientific basis for understanding the powerful effects of beauty on our emotions, behavior, and well-being.

Onyx collection presents 9 neuroscience – inspired products that offer lifestyle solutions to soothe the skin, body and mind. Inspired by bath houses around the world, end-to-end experiences away from tech and distractions will soothes the senses and stimulate imagination. 

Onyx Collection


This skincare essential boasts a luxuriously rich balm texture, specially designed for dry and sensitive skin that is prone to typical signs of stress. Our indulgent cleanser nourishes and comforts the skin while removing daily grime and soothing any imperfections. Formulated to rejuvenate and undo the physical signs of stress on the skin, this cleansing balmn reveals cleansed, supple, dewy and plumped skin.​


A must-have mask in one’s skincare arsenal to combat skins responses to both emotive and physical stressors. Low mood or environmental factors can result in dryness, redness, breakouts and dull skin. Our nutrient-packed mask is abundant with nourishing and skin-balancing actives to refresh and awaken the skin, while an anti-stress fragrance promotes a sense of calmness.​


Known as the ‘molecule of happiness’, Dopamine, a neurotransmitter, plays a vital role in feelings of desire and pleasure, which is also critical to healthy skin function. This beautiful melting elixir stimulates Dopamine release in skin cells, increasing microcirculation and improving the recovery of the skin barrier.​ This results in improved skin health, reversing physical signs of stress, and creating a youthful, radiant complexion.


The perfect moisturiser for skin that is regularly exposed to both internal and external stressors, which can lead to a dull and tired complexion, as well as accelerating the ageing process. ​Our moisturizer contains naturally sourced 5-HTP from Griffonia seeds, improving skin suppleness and elasticity through naturally occurring amino acids that support collagen synthesis. Skin is left feeling soothed, supple, renewed and revitalized. ​


Our multi-functional energising eye balm has a creamy butter texture that melts into skin, refining the appearance of the delicate eye area, and instantly awakening the eye contour. It counteracts the effects of our busy lives, from pollution to stress and fatigue. Enhancing your skin’s resilience, it firms and increases elasticity, reducing the appearance of crow’s feet and depuffing eyes.


Our beautiful relaxing body cleanser works on two levels, with a mood-enhancing fragrance that creates a much-needed sense of space in the airways, calming mind and body. Our gently warming formulation melts into tired, heavy muscles to calm and deeply nourishing the skin. 


Created to comfort and hydrate skin, the oil contains phytocides to lower stress and a collective of adaptogenic herbs to condition and nourish the skin. The ultra-nourishing oil phase soothes the skin, turning water into a soft, milky bath. Our mood enhancing fragrance promotes clarity and calmness and supports respiratory wellness.​


This transformative scrub is infused with natural physical and chemical exfoliators to buff dead skin for an intensive twice-weekly salon quality treatment. Leaving your skin feeling super soft with a renewed radiant glow, our scrub transforms into a gentle foam for a beautiful cleanse when activated by water. ​


Our lightweight yet hydrating body serum with a gel-like texture absorbs instantly into your skin, leaving it feeling refreshed and never greasy. Ideal for those with dry skin, our naturally cooling moisturizer provides a cushiony, comforted skin that looks healthy and dewy.​


At Meiyume, our global business operations are infused with innovation and sustainability, with a focus on offering sustainable solutions to beauty brands. The Onyx range is one of our innovative collections that is developed at our manufacturing site in Trowbridge, UK. To learn more about our products, please do not hesitate to contact us for an opportunity to collaborate.