Meiyume’s Turnkey Solutions with Carasun

Meiyume innovates beauty packaging and solutions for Carasun

Meiyume and Carasun Turnkey Solutions Collaboration

Carasun’s Vision

Indonesia, May 2022 — Carasun, an innovative brand from Indonesia, wanted to create a suncare solution to alleviate skin problems arising from prolonged exposure to heat in tropical regions while ensuring the ingredients and processes are aligned to their brand values.

To fit the needs of the Indonesian market, Carasun envisioned a creation of an alcohol-free sunscreen, halal-certified from product formulation to the manufacturing process. Carasun has gained consumer popularity as a contemporary and forward-looking brand, warranting effective products with good user experiences. Carasun has already established a strong digital presence and effectively marketed their products by working with numerous e-marketplaces, including Indonesia’s leading online beauty platform Sociolla.

The Sun Care Industry

Consumers have grown increasingly aware of the importance of sun protection due to the rise of global warming. The effects of the sun on skin has led to increased risks in skin cancer, inflammation and ageing due to pernicious Ultraviolet (UV) Rays, especially in equatorial regions. As the demand for sun protection rises, consumers are looking for products that not only provide greater protection, but also those with anti-ageing quality, antioxidant benefits, and anti-white cast formulation.

The sale of sun care products has been increasing over the past few years. In Indonesia alone, data from Euromonitor indicates that sun care products saw a CAGR of 12.26% between 2017 to 2022, increasing from USD$8.06 million to USD$14.4 million. The forecast is promising with sales expected to reach 16.9, 19.9 and 23.6 million in 2023, 2024 and 2025, respectively.

Meiyume innovates beauty packaging and solutions for Carasun

With increasing expectations from consumers and the acceleration of digitalisation, beauty brands are facing the pressure to offer beauty products with multifaceted benefits, rather than simple products offering singular benefits. This is especially true for the sun care industry, with buying behaviour influenced by SPF levels, additional antioxidant benefits and even online comments and reviews.

According to Cosmetic Design Asia, insights from Mintel Global New Product Database shared that sun care launches in APAC with SPF levels 40 has increased from 66% (2014-2015) to 74% (2018-2019), and this is expected to continue increasing. Furthermore, besides great protection, consumers are looking for sunscreens with anti-ageing quality and one that does not leave visible residue.

Particularly in Indonesia, research supports that Indonesians prefer functionality to price when they purchase sun screens. Hence, it is imperative for businesses to be at the forefront of innovation and adapt to consumers expectations.

Meiyume’s Solution

Meiyume provided on-the-ground turnkey support to Carasun through the orchestration of its global Innovation & Development (I&D) network and manufacturing capabilities in Indonesia. Meiyume was able to work closely alongside the brand to innovate and trial test halal-certified formulation for what became the Solar Smart UV Protector sunscreen.

Carasun is focused on bringing sun care solutions to alleviate skin problems arising from prolonged exposure to sun and heat in the tropics, including skin sensitivity. In line with the brand’s vision, Meiyume developed the formulation without the use of alcohol and clinically tested it to ensure its suitability for sensitive skin. The formulation has also been enriched with Rice Extract and CityStem to nourish the skin and protect it from free radicals.

Understanding that sunscreens tend to be associated with stickiness, discomfort, and unpleasant smells, Meiyume worked with the brand to further elevate the consumer experience. The exclusive formula is lightweight, non-sticky, and non-greasy. Additional product testing from Sociolla, Indonesia’s leading online beauty platform, has shown the formula to be water-resistant and sweat proof for up to 8 hours. It is also easily absorbed, does not leave a white cast, and is non-comedogenic, allowing wearers to feel fresh and comfortable even hours after application.

Meiyume and Carasun on the ground Turnkey Project

Encased in a vibrant bright yellow and pocket-sized package, the Solar Smart UV Protector sunscreen is the optimal sun care product for consumers looking to effectively protect their skin with no hassle.

The Future

Through collaborative development, Meiyume and Carasun worked together to select, test, industrialise and produce the ideal solution and packaging effectively and efficiently – achieving results ahead of the expected timeline. Carasun’s involvement in the development journey allowed the brand to be a part of the process in bringing its vision to life.

Meiyume continues to work with Carasun to develop and launch more product innovations. We look forward to providing more on-the-ground turnkey support to brands in Indonesia and the Southeast Asian region using our manufacturing facilities and Innovation & Development Labs.

Meiyume’s global network, experience in beauty solutions and business motto of ‘testing fast and learning fast’, has ensured rapid prototyping, duplicate testing and feasibility to deliver high quality results for our customers. We are confident that the same spirit of innovation that has built our organisation will enable us to continue collaborating with our customers in the future to uncover the next generation of beauty products and solutions.


Numerous influencers and key opinion leaders have shared positive feedback of the Sociolla Carasun Solar Smart UV Protector:

Influencer riri tan_Carasun and Meiyume Turnkey Project
Influencer Faarhaanaaa_Carasun and Meiyume Turnkey Solutions
  1. Ririi Tan Kusuma: “When it comes to sunscreen, out of the many sunscreens I’ve tried… I always go back to the sunscreen by The texture is as light as cloud and it quickly absorbs into the skin, leaving my skin moisturised too. NO WHITE CAST! This is what I like the most. For now, there is a sunscreen cushion that makes me fall in love with With a variety of shades to adjust to your skintone, this cushion variant won’t shift your makeup. So it’s more simple & practical, Re-apply sunscreen anywhere & anytime”

2. Farhana: “…Carasun Solar Smart UV Protector with SPF 45 PA++ will protect your skin to the maximum you know! And if you want a touch-up set, you can just use the 2 in 1 UV Cushion. Don’t worry, there are 8 shades ready and some are transparent too. It is so friendly on my tan skin. The sunscreen and cushion are both light and comfortable on oily skin, and they are available at @sociolla, your favourite Ecommerce”