A New Retail Must-Have: Personalized AI & AR Beauty Tech Solutions Through The Meiyume – Perfect Corp. Partnership

Personalized AI & AR Beauty Tech Solutions

November 2020 – Meiyume is excited to announce its partnership with Perfect Corp., the award-winning provider of artificial intelligence & augmented reality solutions for beauty. In addition to leveraging Perfect Corp.’s YouCam for Web solution for Meiyume’s own Collection Cosmetics brand, Meiyume is ready to provide its customers with the full suite of Perfect Corp.’s AI & AR solutions for both online and offline consumer experiences.

As a provider of full turnkey services for point of sale displays, Meiyume is well positioned to integrate services such as virtual try on, shade finding, product recommendation, and skin diagnostic functions into the point-of-sale display, in order to enhance the offline consumer experience for its customers.

AI & AR technologies enhance consumer engagement by providing frictionless ways to interact with brands and products, which increases the likelihood of a purchase. For example, consumers can virtually try on different makeup categories such as lipstick, blush, eyeliner, and eyeshadow, without physically touching any product. They can also use a camera to detect the correct foundation shade and match it against the brand’s available shades, again without touching the product.

“We are excited to work with Perfect Corp., especially during this critical time of need, where consumers are, in many places, unable to physically test beauty products due to the pandemic. There is also a strong need to provide engaging experiences in offline retail since the pandemic has accelerated the shift to online purchasing. We believe Perfect Corp. is the best partner to help deliver the AI & AR solutions our customers are in need of during this period and beyond.” – Robert Brockman, General Manager of Retail Solutions at Meiyume