Meiyume’s Latest Collection Is Sustainable and An
Ode to 80s Inspired Nostalgia

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The sustainable Block Party Kit is a bold throwback to the 80s.

Hong Kong, 27 September 2021 – Meiyume, a one-stop-shop partner of product and retail solutions for the beauty industry, is wrapping up summer with their bold and colourful Block Party Kit. The playful packaging, all made from sustainable materials, is paired with clean skincare formulated inhouse, including a Night-Out Radiance Treatment Mask and a skin-renewing Hangover Moisturizer.

The skincare vessels come in capacities of 60mL and consist of three fully recyclable parts: an aluminium cap and jar, and a refillable capsule made from recycled plastic. Both the cap and jar are completely customizable in any colour or pattern, creating versatility for brand imagery.

The smart-refill system allows consumers to easily replenish their product with a simple push-and-release of the inner capsule, which is compatible with cosmetic formulas including cream and gel. The complete Block Party Kit is ready to gift in a recyclable molded pulp carry case made from high quality plant fibers. The eco-designed material can also be elegantly molded into different shapes and sizes.

As for the skincare product within, the Meiyume team has selected two clean in-house formulas. The Night-Out Radiance Treatment Mask is an anti-stress glow mask for dull lackluster skin. It combines both physical and chemical exfoliants, including Ayurvedic Turmeric Oil, to visibly prepare and tighten the appearance of pores, perfect before the application of makeup. The Morning-After Awakening Moisturizer is a morning tonic for the face – a cooling, lightweight cream that hydrates and depuffs to reveal dewy bouncy skin. The formulation contains a phyto-endorphin complex from Monks Pepper for mood-enhancing properties.

The Block Party Kit demonstrates Meiyume’s continued commitment to meeting evolving consumer needs through innovative products and solutions.

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