Meiyume’s Serenity Glass Range

Meiyume serenity glass range

Hong Kong, 23 March 2021 –  The Serenity range is focused to be sustainable and well-considered design with glass containers for skincare, body care, fragrance, and colour cosmetics.

Not only is the material infinitely recyclable, but the durability of glass also allows easy refills and reuses. Being chemically inert, glass is compatible with any beauty product.

Moreover, the appeal of the material drives a qualitative feeling to deliver an overall high-end value experience.

Off-the-shelf options in glass can be further elevated with our extensive know-how in decorative solutions and techniques to best reflect the story and values of brands.


The Serenity range is our latest dedication to sustainable and well-considered design.

Using glass as a medium, the range was curated with the intention to bring balance and clarity to the body and mind while leaving a kinder impact on the planet.

Serenity is designed to appeal to the senses:


Glass shines and brings clarity to the product within.


The clean and cool-to-touch sensation evokes a pureness of nature.


The sustainable properties of the natural material – recyclable – bring a peace of mind to those conscious of doing good for the planet.

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