Meiyume Achieves LEED Platinum Certification in Indonesia

EAST JAKARTA, INDONESIA February 2021 – Our congratulations to Meiyume for achieving LEED Platinum certification for their manufacturing facility in East Jakarta, Indonesia.

The facility exclusively produces products for Sensodyne, customer GlaxoSmithKline’s (GSK) brand of sensitive toothpaste targeting people with sensitive teeth.

The LEED Platinum certification recognizes Meiyume for best-in-class green building strategies and practices on an international level.

Ensuring an environmentally friendly approach from design to execution was top of mind for the construction project. This consisted of the integration of green elements from its design, selection of materials, construction process and running of the plant. By being environmentally and people conscious throughout the process, Meiyume developed a manufacturing facility that is environmentally responsible and sustainable for the future.

The overall project took approximately three years to complete and it included developing a new three-storey factory with its own warehousing, utility systems, processing equipment, as well as a new shared wastewater treatment plant. This new factory officially began commercial production in Q1 2020 and has the capability to produce up to 32 million tubes of toothpaste per annum.

“Sustainability is integral to our business and we are so proud to have received this level of recognition,” said Chinwooi Cheang, Executive Director of Manufacturing at Meiyume, “Achieving LEED Platinum certification demonstrates our commitment to managing our operations responsibly for the wellbeing of the community, environment and our people.”

However, this is not Meiyume’s very first LEED certified project globally. In 2015, Meiyume achieved LEED Platinum certification for the development of its R&D facility in the Lamlukka, Pathumthani province in Thailand.

Moving forward, Meiyume has set a goal for all of its factories to aim for a Green Building Certification when they are developing any new manufacturing facilities.