Meiyume Uncovers the Latest Beauty Trend Insights for US in the Next Five Years

MakeUp in New York Trend Report: A Beauty Trend Forecast

Meiyume at Makeup in New York

Makeup In New York

November 2022 – The Meiyume US team had a rewarding visit to the 12th annual MakeUp in New York back in September 2022, an enriching exhibition that hosted over 120 makeup and skincare suppliers and welcome over 3400 visitors globally. As a (global + local) business facilitator, MakeUp in New York orchestrates original workshops and animations that immerse attendees in two days of exclusive beauty industry insights and exhibitions.

This event allowed our team to form new business connections with various beauty professionals around the globe, exchanging insights into different markets and business operations. Furthermore, we witnessed exciting beauty trends and insights into the future of beauty at the exhibition. Through deductions from industry sources that were present during the exhibition, our insights-driven beauty experts have identified the following trends that are forecasted to dominate the beauty industry over the next 5 years:

Makeup in New York 2022
  1. Virtual Reality: The Digital Experience

With numerous big beauty brands already embracing elements of the Metaverse, from AR try-on to virtual shopping, these revolutionary developments will continue to unfold within the beauty landscape, redesigning how consumers interact with brands.

Beauty giants have launched their virtual loft on their brand websites. This immersive 3D experience allows consumers to enter different makeup-themed rooms including a ‘Shade Studio’ to virtually try-on various makeup products. There is even a virtual ‘Gym’ to test their Longwear makeup and a ‘Main Room’ designed with various stations for consumers to discover hero products.

Meiyume is already at the forefront of this latest trend, with an array of retail solutions ready to disrupt the new virtual space as well. Our retail solutions build immersive experiences through tailored solutions such as gamification campaigns, virtual showrooms, live shopping storefronts, and digital assets of beauty product ranges, among others.

On top of that, Meiyume recently launch our first NFT art in the Metaverse. This art is designed to evoke our brand’s personality and philosophy – creating innovative and sustainable beauty products and solutions. The decorative details illustrate our sustainable packaging ranges that characterizes the future of beauty. This range includes our Infinite Aluminum lipstick and bottles, Molded Pulp palette, Smart Refill jars, and our Block Party Kit, all with physical samples available. Such gamifications of the beauty consumer experience have led to further brand identity retention and resonance with consumers.

Meiyume NFT art
  1. Blue-Beauty: The New Frontier of Sustainability

Blue Beauty is a sector of the global sustainability movement focused on reducing the negative impact certain beauty products have on oceans, aquatic life, and our skies. This differs from green beauty, which focuses on using clean and sustainably sourced ingredients that benefit the skin as well as the environment. Whereas blue beauty focuses specifically on the impact of beauty ingredients and production processes that impact ocean life, marine systems, and energy consumption.

Meiyume has focused our efforts to study and reduce the environmental footprint associated with our supply chain operations. To empower the future of Blue Beauty, we have implemented steps to establish baselines for carbon, water, and waste to better manage the respective issues.  On top of that, we are committed to improving our environmental footprint by reducing water consumption within factories during the production process and striving to have zero waste generated from the manufacturing plants to landfills by 2025.

Our team ensures that our sustainable efforts at Meiyume continue past our manufacturing process and supply chain to our product solutions – such as our Canvas and Begin Again ranges. Both collections integrate simple, sustainable materials to achieve plastic sticks, fully created from virgin recycled plastic (PCR) and recyclable polypropylene (PP), perfect for encasing waterless formulations. The primary packaging for our Begin Again range can be adorned using silk screen printing. As for the Canvas range, the packaging is equipped to be mono-material, slim, and miniature, with duo options of primary packaging in paper stick form.

The paper sticks are plastic-free, bio-based, and enclosed in a sturdy and flexible molded pulp outer cover. To further reduce waste, the line also includes secondary packaging lipstick refills. Both collections are made to encase ocean-preserving waterless formulations, capturing the new frontier of sustainability.

Further sustainable innovations include Meiyume’s enabling of the unique refillable mechanism of Le Rouge Interdit Intense Silk. Consumers can purchase a refill as an alternative, which reduces the impact of climate change by 46%. The tube and the lid of the lipstick are carefully curated from over 30% post-consumer recycled plastic, whereas the body of the lipstick is created from traceable leather. Lastly, the outer packaging is derived from FSC certified forests and controlled wood, intricately embedded with bio-based ink.

Meiyume Givenchy Lipstick
Meiyume Givenchy Lipstick Packaging
  1. Feel Good Products

A post-pandemic economy has led consumers to have a higher demand for skincare and fragrance that invigorates the feel-good factor within individuals. This rising consumer trend reinforces the connection between mental health and personal expression, as sensorial, shape-shifting, and feel-good products encourage self-care.

At Meiyume, our team has revolutionized self-care initiatives with our end-to-end turnkey backing with NeXtraction, a provider of acidic cannabinoids, to support the launch of NeXtraction’s first personal care brand, Kriva. From formula development to package design and sourcing, to manufacturing and filling, we spearheaded our partnership via our affiliation with MANA to cultivate, produce and manufacture the Daily Wellness Body Lotion. The formulation and packaging are ensured to maximize the potency of  NeXtraction’s key CBDa ingredient. As part of the vertical beauty alliance with MANA, Meiyume was proud to witness MANA at Makeup in New York leveraging expertise to deliver excellence in beauty.

Meiyume x Nextraction

Cannabidiolic Acid or CBDa is the natural form of CBD that originates in the hemp plant. Despite this phytocompound being known to be inactive and unstable, NeXtraction has been able to actualize a water-based method, H2Only, to extract CBDA through a means which allows it to be highly stable and ensures optimal absorption onto the body. Given the potency of this key ingredient, NeXtraction partnered with Meiyume to release a brand that revolutionizes the health and wellness of consumers through heightened recovery, accelerated energy, and alleviated calmness of both the body and mind.

The collaboration has resulted in two fundamental products in Kriva’s initial lineup, the Daily Wellness Lotion and the Everyday Massage Oil, delivering an end-to-end solution wholistically beneficial for the body, mind, and planet.

Meiyume x Nextraction Kriva

How Meiyume Continues to Empower Beauty for a Sustainable Future

Participating in industry-wide events such as MakeUp in New York, and many other global beauty exhibitions has provided Meiyume with a global understanding and projection of the future of beauty.

To further the growth trajectory of our clients, Meiyume has collaborated with the National University of Singapore (NUS) to create our Beauty Trend Analytics Engine (BTE). In a survey done by PR Newswire, over 80% of companies surveyed report revenue uplift due to real-time data analytics.

The BTE provides real-time data through the projection of data on e-commerce sites via an industry-wide scale to compose an algorithmically sophisticated information database comprising all beauty categories. The engine also analyzes platforms for consumer reviews and provides consumer sentiment to help brands understand consumers; behavior in real time.

With the increasing domination of technological implementations, machine learning & digitalization, Meiyume aims to revolutionize the implementation of real-time insights to continue to empower beauty for a sustainable future.

Meiyume beauty analytics trend engine - in collaboration with NUS
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As an insights-driven organization, our global team of beauty innovators is committed to collaborating with beauty brands to deliver innovative, sustainable, and bespoke solutions that are built on a reputable source of data insights.

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