Crafting Beauty with Expertise and Passion Through the Power of our Global Network of Suppliers and Partners

Mastering the Art of Beauty for Brands and Retailers

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August 2023 – 

At Meiyume, beauty transcends borders and cultures, empowering brands to achieve their vision. As a global B2B leader in the beauty industry, Meiyume is committed to delivering superior customer experience through efficient, innovative, and sustainable global supply chain orchestration.

Our global network is the key to unlocking exceptional beauty solutions. With 12 strategic offices, 4 cutting-edge manufacturing facilities, and an extensive network of suppliers and partners spanning 3 continents, we connect a wealth of experience and expertise.

A global supply chain network offers a multitude of benefits. Firstly, brands can expect improved quality control without sacrificing breadth, as Meiyume’s in-house quality specialists offer up to 100% on-site inspection of products from highly diverse and specialized suppliers worldwide. Furthermore, businesses can expect harnessing the utmost efficiency and cost-effectiveness by collaborating with suppliers on a global scale. Moreover, the network provides increased flexibility to respond quickly to market changes and meet customer needs. This diversification of our supply chain and production across multiple locations enhances risk management for brands. By leveraging the strengths of a global supply chain enterprise, Meiyume empower companies to achieve higher quality standards, increased efficiency, and effective risk management, enabling them to thrive and excel in the dynamic beauty industry.

This also allows us to tap into diverse market insights and cultural perspectives from different regions to facilitate internationalization. By understanding local preferences and consumer behaviors, we can tailor our solutions to meet the unique demands of each market, driving brand success globally.

Our network enables seamless collaboration and resource sharing among our teams, facilities, and partners to ensure supply chain resilience. We leverage our collective capabilities and specialized resources to meet the diverse needs of our clients, regardless of their size or industry segment.

From bag production to metal craftsmanship, paper box design, fabric-wrapped boxes, plastic packaging, and bottle decoration, discover the magic that emanates from Meiyume’s global supplier network:

I) Bag Production: Crafting the Perfect Companion

With an unwavering commitment to excellence, we curate an exquisite range of materials. From vegan leather (PU) to TPU, RPU, recycled PET, cotton, twill, velvet, velour, paper straw, rattan, and polyester, we ensure our bags are made with an unparalleled selection of materials.

Meiyume supplier network - bag supplier - illustration of what we can do
Images for illustration purposes only - showcase of Meiyume's capabilities in bag production designs

As one of the few suppliers with an automated border finisher, we can expertly paint the edges of cut fabric, achieving a polished and refined appearance, particularly suitable for high-contrast colors. Our specialized techniques, such as laser cutting and meticulous zipper attachment, guarantee flawless execution and superior quality. This is particularly beneficial for intricate and precise cuts on delicate fabrics, guaranteeing impeccable results that exceed expectations.

Images for illustration purposes only - showcase of Meiyume's capabilities in bag production designs

II) Metal Craftsmanship: Forging Beauty with Precision

At Meiyume, we understand the allure of metal in beauty packaging. Our skilled artisans employ their expertise to create captivating metal components such as zippers, toppers, buckles & standalone products such as fragrance caps, candle holders, solid perfume canisters, bookmarks, or hanging ornaments. The process begins with die-casting or stamping of zinc, zamak, aluminium or stainless steel material into intricate patterns, achieving a harmonious blend of artistry and functionality. The metals are shined to a high lustre and are available in a variety of finishes mimicking gold & precious metals via electroplating process. Depending on the brief complexity and decoration requirements, we can also provide 100% hand-painted services for breath-taking finishing touches on delicate charms, keychains, and primary packaging.

Meiyume supplier network - Metal supplier - Diptyque candle holder
Image for illustration purpose only - Candle Holder
Meiyume supplier network - Metal supplier - anand prakash bookmark
Image for illustration purpose only - Gift with Purchase

III) Paper Box Design: Elevating Packaging Aesthetics

In the realm of paper box design, Meiyume’s creativity knows no bounds. Our expertise lies in the creation of breath-taking rigid boxes and exquisite cardboard paper bags.

Did you know that printing and lamination processes are separated for rigid boxes, ensuring a stronger structure and impeccable print fidelity? On top of that, we offer the option of upgrading to scratch-resistant matte or glossy varnish for an added elegance. For those seeking the epitome of opulence, our specialized press machine can emboss and deboss your paper wrap, adding a handcrafted touch of luxury to each piece.

With a focus on large orders and an unwavering commitment to quality, we employ advanced printing techniques to enhance packaging aesthetics. From vibrant CMYK or Pantone color prints to the art of embossing and debossing, we bring sophistication and allure to every paper product we create.

Meiyume supplier network - Paper supplier - Lancome
Lancome Valentines Day Casino Collection
Meiyume supplier network - Paper supplier - Sisley
Sisley Lunar New Year Collection
Meiyume supplier network - Paper supplier - Factory behind the scenes - printing press
Printing Press for Paper Packaging
Meiyume supplier network - Paper supplier - Marks and spencer
Marks and Spencer Advent Calendar

IV) Fabric-Wrapped Boxes: Where Elegance Meets Craftsmanship

Meiyume takes pride in our mastery of fabric-wrapped boxes, where elegance and craftsmanship intertwine. With meticulous precision, we craft fabric-wrapped boxes adorned with velvet or suede linings, exuding luxury and refinement.

While some assistance from machines is used for ironing and stamping, our focus remains on the delicate intricacies that can only be achieved through skilled human touch. Our dedication to flawless gluing and attention to the minutest details ensure that every box is a masterpiece in its own right, offering endless possibilities for beauty brands.

Meiyume supplier network - Fabric supplier - factory behind the scenes
Fabrice Packaging - Beis, Estee Lauder, Shu Uemera [Left to right]

V) Plastic Packaging: Innovating with Purpose

Plastic packaging takes on new dimensions at Meiyume, where innovation and sustainability meet. Our expertise in cosmetics packaging drives us to push boundaries and create stunning designs. Using injection and blow mold techniques, we are able to bring a variety of complex plastic packaging shapes to life. Additionally, all our products can be offered with PCR (post-consumer recycled) materials.

After cooling, plastic packaging is then sent to our finishing and printing division where the creative magic happens. Packaging components can go through vacuum plating for UV-protective layer, ensuring longevity and durability. But our creativity doesn’t stop there – we elevate the elegance of the packaging further with the addition of classy foil accents, using a meticulous two-step hot stamping process. For those seeking even more distinctive decoration concepts, we offer digital prints on metallized backgrounds, adding a touch of brilliance to your products. And if you have an extraordinary challenge that demands the utmost sophistication, we have partnered with a specialized bottle decoration facility, ready to bring your wildest ideas to life.

At every step, our mission is to turn your packaging dreams into a tangible reality, and with our expertise and dedication, your product will shine like never before.

Meiyume supplier network - Plastic supplier factory behind the scenes
Meiyume supplier network - Plastic supplier factory behind the scenes - project review
Meiyume supplier network - Plastic supplier factory behind the scenes - people
Meiyume supplier network - Plastic supplier 2
Supergoop Plastic Packaging
Meiyume supplier network - Plastic supplier
Acure Plastic Packaging

VI) Bottle Decoration: Transforming Designs into Reality

At Meiyume, we transform designs into captivating realities. With an extensive range of decoration techniques at our disposal, we elevate bottles to new levels of beauty.

Our capabilities include marble effects through water transfer, wrap paper applications, hand-sprayed finishes and the combination of techniques for unique results such as glow-in-the-dark or temperature color-changing skins. We decorate various surfaces like plastic, glass, metal, and wood, achieving different glitter and powder effects. At our core, we embrace challenges and find immense joy in the art of re-creating textures inspired by the richness of everyday life and beyond, exclusively for the realm of fine fragrance and beauty. Whether it’s the rugged allure of denim, the intricate patterns of tire treads, or the timeless elegance of wood, we take delight in transforming these diverse inspirations into captivating olfactory experiences.

Through our ingenuity and passion, Meiyume has been privileged to collaborate on remarkable projects with renowned brands. Notable examples of our past endeavors include Perfect by Marc Jacobs, Bvlgari Le Gemme, Scandal Pour Femme and Homme, Good Girl by Carolina Herrera, and many others. These partnerships serve as a testament to our dedication to excellence and our ability to bring imagination to life through the harmonious marriage of textures and fragrances.

Meiyume supplier network - glass partner showroom
Meiyume supplier network - glow-int-the-dark bottle design
Glow-in-the-dark effect
Meiyume Perfect by Marc Jacobs - Fragrance Packaging
Marc Jacobs - Perfect
Meiyume Bvlgari Le Gemme - Fragrance Packaging
Bvlgari - Le Gemme

Meiyume Global Supplier Network

Meiyume’s global supplier network is a testament to our expertise in curating exceptional beauty solutions. Through strategic partnerships with suppliers across the globe, we transcend boundaries and cultures to create beauty experiences that inspire and captivate.

From bag manufacturers to metal craftsmen, paper box designers, fabric-wrapped box specialists, plastic packaging innovators, and bottle decorators, our network encompasses the best of the beauty industry.

Besides packaging, gift-with-purchase products and sourcing, Meiyume also excels in formulations, manufacturing, retail implementation, and data insights.

If you are a beauty brand or retailer looking to create new products or solutions, we invite you to collaborate with us on this journey as we help your brand achieve its dream.