Future of Fragrance (2023)

Meiyume’s Spotlight Trend Report 

Future of Fragrance 2023 - Meiyume (hero image)

Meiyume’s Fragrance Expert Comments

March 2023
“In 2023, health-conscious consumers will be looking to fragrance for wellness support, boosted with positive emotional benefits such as relaxation, peace of mind and serenity, helping them to feel uplifted and energized as they navigate the year of the polycrisis.

As a result, the fragrance market is seeing a rise in the use of neuroscience ingredients. We’re seeing more of our partner brands looking to adopt neuroscience techniques into their wellness-targeted fragrance briefs across not just fine fragrance, but skin and body care, too. The best way to achieve this? Request active ingredients backed by science from fragrance houses and perfumers, to support the offer of credible, educational, science-based scent profiles.”

Alex Baller - Meiyume Fragrance Specialist
Alex Baller, Meiyume UK’s Fragrance Specialist

The UK Fragrance Market, at a Glance

  • The UK fragrance market is set to experience substantial growth, with a projected 6% increase in 2023 (YOY)
  • Fragrance is expected to be the fastest-growing category, outpacing other categories both in the UK and globally.
  • The fragrance market value is expected to exceed that of the colour category in the UK by 2023.

3 Key Micro Trends to Watch

  • Neuroscience – predicted to play a significant role in the fragrance industry, with science-backed notes that target stress becoming a new purchase entry point. This will unveil personalized and functional performance with scent.
  • Next-Gen Sustainability – the sustainable fragrance space will grow as advancements in biotech emerge and drive innovation in ingredients.
  • Fragrance in the Metaverse – fragrance goes phygital, from scent profiles that imagine how the internet smells to creating online worlds that link to individual fragrances, merging the digital and physical realms.

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Source: Euromonitor, Mintel, WGSN


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