Transforming Beauty Packaging Engineering with a One-Piece Mono-Material Case

Introducing the ‘Clear Crystal Case’: Leading Eco-Luxe Design in Beauty

Mono material sustainable packaging - Meiyume and Eastman

May 2024 – In the dynamic beauty landscape, the partnership between Meiyume and Eastman emerges as a beacon of innovation. Together, with the collective expertise of product design, materials technology and engineering, this partnership resulted in the Clear Crystal Case, a blend of functionality and striking visual appeal.

Sustainable Elegance: Clear Crystal Case
The Clear Crystal Case is a testament to advanced engineering, employing a one-piece, one-tooling manufacturing process that is innovative within the PET material usage. This transparent and sturdy product is suitable for various cosmetic products, from hybrid color to sticky formulas and even solid perfumes.

One of the most notable innovations in this product is its pin-free connector, which eliminates the need for traditional fasteners, thereby enhancing the product’s aesthetic and functionality. On top of that, this product can be recyclable, which could lead to its wider use in recycling as technology advances.

At the heart of this partnership is a commitment to sustainability, a principle that’s deeply integrated into their operations. It’s a principle that Meiyume proudly champions with its motto, “sustainably beautiful, smartly yours.” Meiyume reimagines packaging solutions, selecting materials like PET for their eco-friendly qualities and exploring recyclable options. Through rigorous life cycle analysis and design assessments, coupled with rapid prototyping, Meiyume is not just participating in the market—they are leading it, pushing the boundaries in sustainable packaging techniques.

To cater to the broader market preferences, this innovation comes in a more traditional two-piece version of the case. This version features a hinged design with PET pins, maintaining the product’s mono-material purity while appealing to consumers preferring conventional packaging designs.

Setting New Standards
This partnership is a testament to Meiyume and Eastman’s aligned principles: an unwavering drive towards innovation and sustainable practices within the beauty sector. Meiyume is committed to tackling the industry’s technical challenges head-on while remaining committed to environmental stewardship. The Clear Crystal Case, the first product of this alliance, is a fusion of practicality and elegance, redefining the aesthetics of beauty packaging for a sustainable future.

About Eastman

Founded in 1920, Eastman is a global specialty materials company that produces a broad range of products found in items people use every day. With the purpose of enhancing the quality of life in a material way, Eastman works with customers to deliver innovative products and solutions while maintaining a commitment to safety and sustainability. The company’s innovation-driven growth model takes advantage of world-class technology platforms, deep customer engagement, and differentiated application development to grow its leading positions in attractive end markets such as transportation, building and construction, and consumables. As a globally inclusive and diverse company, Eastman employs approximately 14,000 people around the world and serves customers in more than 100 countries. The company had 2023 revenue of approximately $9.2 billion and is headquartered in Kingsport, Tennessee, USA.
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About Meiyume

Sustainably beautiful and smartly yours, Meiyume stands as a collaborative partner and orchestrator in the realm of beauty. Meiyume offers comprehensive end-to-end solutions that include packaging design, engineering, turnkey/ODM, OEM, manufacturing, formulation, filling, and smart beauty innovations. Meiyume is committed to empowering beauty for a sustainable future by combining our insights and in-house expertise with our vast global sourcing network to bring the vision of brands to life. Meiyume is one of three product vertical businesses (Beauty, Sweaters, Furniture) formerly part of Li & Fung, which were divested in April 2018 and today operate as LH Pegasus which is owned 45% by Hony Capital and 55% by the Fung Group.