A Fragrant Odyssey: Meiyume’s Sanxingdui-inspired Innovations at the 2023 CIIE

Fung Group’s Vision and Commitment

At the 2023 China International Import Expo (CIIE), Fung Group celebrated its 117th anniversary under the theme “Continue for 100 years, Gathering Efforts to Achieve.” The 200-square-meter booth in the Services & Trade Zone of Hall 8.2 at the National Convention and Exhibition Center in Shanghai showcased Fung Group’s innovative practices and achievements across its core business divisions.

Sustainable Beauty: Meiyume’s Eco-Friendly Revelation

Underlining the importance of sustainability in the backdrop of the deepening 2030 Agenda for Sustainable Development, Meiyume, a beauty supply chain subsidiary of Fung Group, unveiled eco-friendly packaging materials and beauty accessories. Products like the “Blue” and “Wonderland” range, as well as the flagship “Infinite Aluminum,” exemplify our commitment to leading the beauty industry into a sustainable future.

Cultural Creativity Unveiled: “Co-creation of New Vitality”

Cultural and creative products took center stage, reflecting the rising interest in spiritual culture. Building on last year’s Expo, Fung Group highlighted its cultural and creative endeavors in the “Co-creation of New Vitality” exhibition area. Through a theme film, Fung Group delved into its cultural creation journey, emphasizing the importance of promoting traditional Chinese culture. The Expo platform was leveraged to seek partnerships for furthering the development of the domestic cultural industry.

Sanxingdui Reimagined: Fragrance from Ancient Mysteries

In a remarkable collaboration, the Meiyume team brought ancient history to life by reimagining fragments from the mysterious Sanxingdui Ruins. This transformation gave rise to a line of modern home fragrance products that echo the ancient and mysterious “alien visitors.”

Sanxingdui Civilization in Contemporary Homes

The Sanxingdui Civilization, considered one of the world’s greatest archaeological discoveries, has been brought into contemporary households through our innovative products. These products not only pay homage to the rich cultural heritage of the ancient Shu civilization but also inject new vitality into its inheritance and development.

A Fragrant Collection: Sanxingdui-inspired Home Fragrance

Meiyume’s collaboration with Sansingdui resulted in a modern home fragrance collection that includes four distinct types, each narrating a unique olfactory journey:

1) Sanxingdui “Mask” Essential Oil Crystal Diffuser

    1. Boundary: Juicy lychee aroma along the rugged Shu Road, blurring the boundary between primitive and fashionable.
    2. Notes:
      1. Top: Tangerine, orange, lychee
      2. Middle: Osmanthus, orange blossom, peony
      3. Base: Moss, musk

2) Sanxingdui “Bird” Essential Oil Crystal Diffuser

    1. Secret Realm: Sweet and fresh peach blossoms open up the secret realm of ancient Shu culture.
    2. Notes:
      1. Top: Peach blossom, green, citrus
      2. Middle: Osmanthus, apricot
      3. Base: Musk

3) Sanxingdui “Tree of Life” Essential Oil Reed Diffuser

    1. Elf: The unique and charming vanilla flavor of tonka beans mixed with cinnamon, tobacco, and caramel, creating a colorful kingdom.
    2. Notes:
      1. Top: Bergamot, coconut
      2. Middle: Frankincense, gardenia, jasmine
      3. Base: Tonka bean, musk

4) Sanxingdui “Bird of Paradise” Essential Oil Reed Diffuser

    1. Revival: A moist rose smell reveals the freshness of lemon and the charm of violet, signaling a revival.
    2. Notes:
      1. Top: Bergamot, orris root, rose, cypress
      2. Middle: Magnolia, violet, berry, peony
      3. Base: Cedar, musk, patchouli
Sanxingdui - Bird of Paradise

Craftsmanship Beyond Time: Rattan and Ceramic Excellence

The rattan used in these products is crafted using special materials, employing 3D printing and engraving technology. The intricate process, taking two months and involving repeated polishing, maintains both diffusing functionality and aesthetic appeal. The ceramic cup, made of high-quality kaolin clay and other raw materials, undergoes a meticulous firing process to ensure long-lasting color retention.

Global Beauty Pioneer: Meiyume’s Vision for the Future

Meiyume’s commitment to beauty innovation extends globally, with operations on three continents. As a leader in beauty solutions, we are dedicated to pioneering sustainable practices and shaping the future of the beauty industry.

Contact us at marketing@meiyume.com to fulfil your beauty brand’s vision.