Active Concepts and Meiyume Partner to Launch Active Innovation

The vertically integrated brand development platform that combines product development and custom packaging solutions to empower emerging beauty brands

Meiyume x Active Concepts

New York City, New York, May 16, 2023

Active Concepts and Meiyume have announced their partnership through the new joint venture of Active Innovation. The companies have combined the value-added development services of high-performance products and custom packaging solutions through this vertically integrated innovation platform. Active Innovation will provide today’s brand builders with the individualized services needed to control their own destiny – from creating and owning their intellectual property, to fast-tracking product into the marketplace, through executing a full-service turnkey model.

Active Innovation, built on the concept of vertically integrating the creative components of brand development, combine product ideation stemming from unique, high-performance ingredients, with package conceptualization and custom componentry, to form the DNA of emerging brands and products. All parts of brand development, from conception to launch, come together under one roof located in Lincolnton, North Carolina. In a purpose built 18,000 sq. ft. facility inclusive of full product development, salon testing, performance substantiation, and small-scale production, Active Innovation will open its doors to select brand builders in the summer of 2023.

Innovation is the key differentiator that beauty companies and brand builders seek today in a saturated marketplace. However, aspiring indie brands and product developers continue to be dissatisfied with the status quo – fragmented service providers, disjointed development processes, long lead times, recurring product formats, captive manufacturing partners, and an overall lack of full attention that leads to a diluted brand image. Active Innovation breaks the creative gridlock to ignite, reinvigorate and accelerate brand development through a unified, fast, and flexible development model.

At Active Innovation, we are dedicated to creating the brand concepts, bespoke ingredients, product formulations, and sustainable packaging solutions that the marketplace demands from successful brands today.



About Active Concepts

Active Concepts is committed to offering a wide range of high-performance raw materials thoroughly researched and developed to meet consumer needs. From customizing individual ingredients to developing new finished formulations, Active Concepts provides a multitude of solutions of which each are uniquely tailored to individual brands.

Active Concepts has a robust global presence as a customer service driven family of companies. With manufacturing sites in the USA, Italy, and Taiwan, Active Concepts is able to supply products regionally, recognizing the needs of individual markets, and reducing its overall carbon footprint. The ability to conceptualize, manufacture, and supply raw materials locally sets us apart from the competition.

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About Meiyume 

As your global partner in trailblazing beauty innovation, we are leaders in the full spectrum of beauty packaging, design and turnkey solutions. Meiyume brings the best of both worlds to both emerging and established brands, working with you from concept to shelf to create meaningful products, validated commercially and designed with purpose and individuality. From innovative designs to scalable supply chain strategies, Meiyume uniquely couples internal manufacturing capabilities with the regionally necessary resources to create impactful beauty products. Most notably known as leaders in cost engineering of custom complex, multi-material packaging, sustainability is at the core of our business.

For complete turnkey solutions, Meiyume operates award-winning manufacturing facilities in the United Kingdom, United States, Indonesia, and Thailand. Whether a project leverages internal resources, or requires management of complex, multi-supplier turnkey projects around the world, Meiyume’s hybrid model provides brands the ultimate product solutions to maximize your bottom line.

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