Meiyume’s UK I&D Capabilities: Latest Innovation driven by science and insights.

Showcasing exceptional ability in beauty formulations and packaging

March 2024 –

At the heart of the beauty industry’s evolution towards sustainability and scientific innovation, Meiyume emerges as a beacon of progress and creativity. With the debut of five exceptional collections from its UK team, Meiyume demonstrates its unparalleled capacity for innovation in beauty formulations and packaging. This suite of collections, born from the insightful analysis of current market trends and consumer preferences, showcases the company’s adeptness in responding to the nuanced needs of today’s beauty enthusiasts.

Meiyume’s five UK collections 2023

1. Virtuoso

Virtuoso reimagines ‘skinimalism’ with a concise skincare and makeup routine that does not compromise on quality or efficacy. It features versatile products like a hybrid SPF Tinted Serum and a Multi-peptide Eye Serum, proving that minimalism in beauty can still deliver targeted, high-quality solutions.

2. Free Mind

Free Mind champions skin rewilding and sustainability, offering products such as a 2-in-1 Cleanser and Mask. This collection prioritizes ecological harmony with its innovative packaging and formulations, catering to consumers’ increasing demands for eco-friendly beauty solutions.

3. Twist

Twist combines art, science, and nature, providing a luxurious self-care experience through items like an Opulent Oils Cold Cream and a Honey Bloom Hydration Mask. It highlights adaptogenic ingredients and creative textures, aligning with consumers’ desires for products that nurture both body and mind.

4. Sea to Skin

Sea to Skin is dedicated to marine conservation and sustainable beauty, featuring items like a Marine Cleansing Bar and a Sea Moss Brightening Serum. This collection leverages marine biotechnology to create products that are both effective and environmentally responsible.

5. Metaversal

Metaversal draws inspiration from digital trends, offering futuristic products such as a PH color-changing Lip Oil. It caters to the growing interest in virtual beauty experiences, blending physical and digital beauty innovations.


We’re thrilled to announce that this year, our Innovation & Development team will be releasing more collections from our global labs, dedicating their efforts towards creating more data-driven concepts, tailored specifically for diverse regions. This initiative is a key component of our extensive service portfolio, encompassing specialized formulation expertise, complete turnkey solutions, and top-tier packaging services.

We stand at the forefront of the beauty industry, not only by responding to current trends but also by pioneering sustainable and innovative solutions. With a solid commitment to pushing the boundaries of beauty, Meiyume invites beauty brands to explore partnership opportunities and join in shaping the future of the industry. Together, with Meiyume’s expertise, brands can navigate the evolving landscape of beauty with products that resonate with consumers’ values and expectations.

For partnership inquiries and to discover more about Meiyume’s innovative offerings, contact Embrace the opportunity to lead in the future of beauty with Meiyume, where innovation, sustainability, and consumer-centric solutions converge.