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Retail Solutions

Retail solutions from beauty tech and point of sale displays to estate management, supply chain visibility,
and actionable intelligence for your retail store

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1. The Future of Retail

January 2022 – With a 3% decline in retail sales and the closure of over 10,000 US retail stores in 2020 alone, the future of traditional retail is seemingly uncertain with some even dubbing it the ‘retail apocalypse’. The silver lining is that these abrupt shifts in consumer behavior have outlined one significant path towards the future of retail, more commonly known as experiential retail. Despite the supposed decline in brick-and-mortar stores and the rise of e-commerce, retail success is merely a shift of focus towards continuous innovation that rekindles relevance with shoppers.

By embracing the disruptions caused by the pandemic and restructuring your retail stores to create an authentic shopping destination that sells your brand identity through immersive solutions, it will ensure a resilient business strategy for your store that ascends toward retail renaissance.

2. Retail Solutions

Meiyume understands that the art of a retail space is an opportunity to create rich and immersive experiences by organically engaging the 5 senses of the consumer with an approach towards new retail. As such, we help retailers and brands solve their retail challenges by providing customized solutions to understand and influence their consumers’ behavior and enhance their retail space.

The route to retail ascendency begins with Meiyume’s holistic bespoke retail solutions, categorically in 5 main pillars, that promise retailers and brands in-store success by growing their sales and acquiring new customers. By focusing on the pivotal interaction between brands and their consumers, we act as the fuel for your retail engine and tailor solutions to meet the unique needs of both parties.

Anonymous data collection for beauty retailers.

3. Our 5 Main Pillars of Retail Success

3.1. Point of Sale (POS) Displays

Our first pillar is focused on the physical manifestation of the store. The significance of the physical in-store space cultivates tactile experiences that are otherwise impossible through e-commerce. From glorifiers and open sell systems to colour walls, we enhance the core purpose of the retail POS purchase by utilizing a variety of communication vehicles, mainly promotional and permanent displays and solutions, to create a memorable and meaningful experience for shoppers. With Meiyume’s end-to-end capabilities and strong expertise, we pride ourselves in creating effective POS displays that exhibit strong aesthetic and influential value.

3.2. Digitalization

Next, we envision the future by embracing and incorporating digitalization into stores. Meiyume’s innovative technologies work in the background to improve the value proposition of any retail store by fluidly delivering the frictionless experience from online to offline commerce and transforming the way consumers shop. This creates a seamless and experiential retail journey that delightfully engages and promotes discovery through interactivity and social media sharing. Some of our beauty tech innovations, for instance, such as the touchless testers and augmented reality (AR) gamification devices created for Shiseido and Shu Uemura, respectively, have encouraged higher engagement, user-generated content, and conversion rate with shoppers in-store. Furthermore, components of anonymous data collection and analytics for Return on Investment (ROI) tracking are readily available with Meiyume’s very own comprehensive analytics dashboard. This is achievable through our traffic cameras, digital screens with demographics targeting, and product interaction podiums, to name a few.

Touchless tester - Meiyume's retail solution

3.3. Insights and Analytics

Now more than ever, actionable business intelligence is vital in the retail landscape. Our third pillar is targeted at using the above-mentioned technologies to gather anonymous real-time data insights of consumers and stores performances onto a consolidated multi-source dashboard. With valuable real-time data at hand, brands and retailers will be able to understand their consumer behavior, product interaction rates, and solution engagements to shape the retail strategy of their business – helping brands test fast and learn fast.

3.4. Estate Management (OneHome)

This leads to Meiyume’s fourth pillar – our Estate Management platform called OneHome, which seamlessly connects brands, merchandisers, and suppliers together to manage the end-to-end process of installing, updating, and maintaining their in-store POS displays. OneHome acts as an ecosystem that hosts an array of collaborative applications for tracking POS part specifications and inventory, product information, store locations, work order management, and various dashboards for insights reporting. This enables brands to access a consolidated view of all their POS activity in real-time, driving productivity and cost efficiencies across the board.

3.5. Visibility and Security

The last ingredient to Meiyume’s holistic retail solution is the confidence warranted to brands and retailers through our supply chain visibility and security solutions. We utilize a variety of technologies to measure real-time inventory through RFID usage, secure wines and spirits with bottle security tags, track and prevent grey market trading and provide product authentication methods to ensure brands are always protected throughout the consumer journey.

4. Lead The Change You Want With Meiyume

As immaculately worded by retail prophet founder, Doug Stephens, “This new era of retail is no longer about the sales per square foot and cost per click, but rather about experiences per square foot and sales per click.” With Meiyume as your trusted collaborator and partner, we believe that our retail solutions serve as a crucial catalyst for positive change in any retail space.

Envision the future of retail with Meiyume today. Contact us at marketing@meiyume.com