A One-size-fits-all
Retail Solution for
Bottle Security

One ‘click’ away from achieving optimized security of your inventory

BottleLox Bottle Security Solution

December 2021 – Meiyume is proud to present our anti-theft prevention tool, titled BottleLox, for your wines and spirits bottles. BottleLox offers the perfect balance between design, functionality, and security – a trinity paramount for all retailers.

Innovative Security Features 

This innovative security technology tag requires a one ‘click’ application that is as simple as A.B.C.D.E.:

  • Auto-fit – Ensures secured fitting for bottles of all sizes and eliminates installation errors
  • Brand visibility – Clear cases to aesthetically secure the bottles while maintaining the product’s branding visibility
  • Compact design – Sleek design that does not affect shelf space
  • Durable – Reusable and hardy security tags with a lasting product lifespan, and little to no need for maintenance
  • Easy & Quick – Efficient & effective with its single-handed application and detachment using a magnetic catcher

Our Retail Solutions

BottleLox is utilized by over 250 major retailers, with more than 30 million units sold globally. This protection solution is compatible with existing EAS & RFID systems, or as a non-digital theft prevention tool as well. Our theft prevention solutions are not just limited to wines & spirits bottles – trust Meiyume to ensure all your retail products are provided with robust security through traditional EAS or next-gen RFID systems.

Contact us at marketing@meiyume.com or visit Catalyst’s website for more information on this retail solution.