MEIYUME develops Gemstone Facial Wand for touchless skincare application

The gemstone applicator ensures a hygienic skincare application

Hong Kong, 22 July 2020 – Meiyume (a member of Fung Group), a one-stop shop partner providing product and retail solutions for the beauty industry, has launched a range of touchless packaging and applicators for hygienic beauty regimens at home.

One of the highlights in the Touchless range is Meiyume’s Gemstone Facial Wand, made with a premium soft touch silicone spatula for skincare application. One end of the spatula is used to apply formulation, designed to reach narrow areas of the face, and the other is used to massage the product in. The ball tip can be customized with stainless steel or precious stones such as amethyst, rose quartz, onyx, aventurine, howlite, with others available upon request. The gemstone is not only on trend, it also provides a pleasant cooling effect on the skin. The stainless steel ball option can even be treated with anti-microbial coating.

Meiyume has a long history of working with luxury brands on their applicators and beauty tools. Meiyume’s in-house innovation team specializes in luxury packaging and therefore has a broad understanding of the high standards and design elements required to elevate the formulation itself. They are known for working with multi-materials and are able to seamlessly develop designs for packaging and adjacent products such as applicators and other beauty accessories.

“The Gemstone Facial Wand allows customers to apply their skincare without having to dip their fingers in the product and contaminate the rest of the formulation,” said Stephane Bulle, VP of Packaging Innovations at Meiyume. “With hygiene being top of mind, touchless beauty has become increasingly important. We are now working on a new generation of recyclable packaging solutions, including a Revitalizing Cool Lift massager made of 100% aluminium, with anti-microbial coating. Beauty regimens at home will continue to be popular even after the pandemic. At the same time, we don’t want to forget about the importance of sustainability.”

Looking ahead, Meiyume plans to invite new and existing partners to collaborate and co-develop with them as they continue innovating on product and retail solutions to provide safer experiences for their customers.

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