The Future of Beauty is Here.

The Metaverse
Metaverse, the future of social connection – a virtual world where people come to socialize, play, shop, and work. Enabled by advanced technological elements, this virtual environment is highly immersive and realistic.

As a place built on collective collaboration, Metaverse offers brands the opportunity to leverage different digital components to tell the brand story and drive enhanced customer experiences and interactions.

Meiyume x Metaverse
The worlds of beauty and technology are colliding.

Beauty consumers are ready to embrace the Metaverse, from AR try-ons to virtual shopping, these developments are set to revolutionize how consumers interact with your brand.

Meiyume is excited to enter this new space with you. We can collaborate with your brand to launch your products in the virtual space, and build immersive experiences through tailored solutions such as gamification campaigns, virtual showrooms, live shopping storefronts, digital assets of beauty product ranges and many more.

Stay tuned for more.