One Platform that Houses All Your Retail Needs

Meiyume designed an estate management platform,, to digitalize the day-to-day operations and logistics of a retail store – the road to a flawless Point of Sale (POS) management platform.


2022年5月 – 在利妍,我们与生活和工作的社区有着深厚的联系。022年5月 – 在利妍,我们与生活和工作的社区有着深厚的联系。我们的全球团队在我们的商业行为中是透明的;我们有勇气在内部领导一种有意识的文化,并在经济、环境和社会造一个更好的未来。

Meiyume’s Turnkey Solutions with Carasun

Meiyume’s formulation and manufacturing teams in Indonesia provided on-the-ground turnkey support by co-developing a halal sunscreen for what became the Solar Smart UV Protector sunscreen.

What is the Future of Beauty?

Meiyume uncovers the top 7 emerging global beauty technological trends that beauty brands and retailers can expect from NRF & CES 2022.

Understanding our Retail Solutions

Find out how Meiyume creates rich and immersive experiences by organically engaging the 5 senses of the consumer with an approach towards new retail.

2021 POPAI Awards (France)

Thank you POPAI France for recognising our innovations in four different point-of-sale displays designed for our valued clients.